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Scottish League Reconstruction

30 Jan

It’s very simple any spl club who think that by Christmas of any season they’re could be in lower half of league; have to think that dropping into a playoff league with all the dangers contained within is a bad move for them.

Dropping into that league with the associated drop in Supporter Moral, attendances, income along with the effect it would have on playing staff is not a good idea.

Basically a bad start to a season, injuries and suspensions means you go into the drop league. Continued bad form or luck in second half of season means you go down.

How can fans plan away trips for January, February, March, April or May when the fixture list is not known till January? We have all read stories of supporters from far flung lands returning to Scotland to go to a game. These fans are disadvantaged by the half season split.

Also administratively how can you manage a league that splits with teams joining from lower league? For example what would happen if a club faced with joining league of 8 B going into administration what league would you deduct points from? What if after the first half of season is complete and new fixtures drawn up the team that finished 7th goes into administration do you deduct points that would have put them into league B? Or deduct points from their league A total? That opens the door for clubs to overspend gambling on finishing at Christmas in top half safe in knowledge that any points deduction won’t lead to relegation because they finished in League A! The opportunity for corruption is beyond reason.

This does not include the teams currently in SFL2 who have absolutely nothing to gain from reconstruction in this way. All they get is dragged down into the bottom tier of Scottish football with the reduction in prestige that entails.

The tried and tested work your way up the league’s stabilising your club as success comes in this plan is now dead. The route up the pyramid most recently demonstrated by Ross County. Following the path of Highland rivals Inverness Caledonian Thistle and others is now a impossible dream. The lessons of Gretna’s meteoric rise and fall seems not to of been learned.

The league could have a second tier that has absolutely no consistency between Augusts think about it. In one season all the top teams could go up and all the lower teams could go down. Creating no stability for clubs who have done well to catch breath, prepare for next push to success. Every year this second tier becomes a yoyo league with absolutely no chance to establish a brand other than a league of the unlucky or very lucky. What a party that could be with teams like Arbroath, Montrose, Annan, Brechin playing Hearts Aberdeen Dundee United, Motherwell and Kilmarnock. While Falkirk, Raith, Ayr, Patrick etc play Celtic etc in top league. Sounds like an invite to a joke to me. No disrespect to the named clubs but if you think half a season playing clubs in top league like some I have named will bring back the thunder to the top division or create a stable environment for youth players and development/improvement of our game on and off the park even if you think that media deals will flood into a league system based on uncertainty then please keep taking your tablets and maybe ask your doctor to up the dose.