Relax Its The Club That Counts

7 Feb

Following the scottish cup 5th round there has been many views and you know there is little that anyone could add to the mix.
My concern is not how far Rangers have to go playing wise, that is rather obvious. No its the expectation level the lack of patience and most concerning the memory loss of most of the people who have published views.

So to the game itself on paper a SPL club hosted a SFL3 team in the Scottish Cup 5th Round winning 3 nil. The following day when a SPL club visited a SFL1 club and won 3 nil. I have not heard any similar style rumblings about any club in Fife.

The forensic examination complete with diagnosis from the great, the good and the not so bright of the small gene pool of Scottish football media has been relentless. Sadly not one voice has spoke of praise for Rangers in any way. Oh high wages, low effort, un-professionalism, bad management, lack of fitness all the usual topics are raised within the barrage. That’s just it though this season is not usual, this season is anything but usual.

Never in the history of the game of football in Scotland has 1% of the events of the last calender year ever occurred. The simple uncomfortable truth is that last season was extra ordinary, this season is breaking new ground, next season and couple following will see a league reconstruction and a number of the current top 12 clubs scramble around bag packing at supermarkets looking for any income in order to stay trading. I predict that this coming close season and next January transfer window will see the greatest exodus of players from the SPL since the introduction of Bosmans.

All the negative press suggesting fitness levels, skill levels and passion displayed being too low could be argued without much effort to be true, but low compared to what?
What gleaming golden league are they comparing current Rangers Squad too?

– The Private Members Club of diminishing returns that is generally called the SPL 2013? A league with so much confidence in its own future its Chief Executive has spent the last 5 months blundering around trying to bully a way to reconstruct the structure of football in Scotland because ten of his members are one trip to the cash machine from bankruptcy.


– The teams of Rangers past? A exercise in comparing and debating apple’s and oranges.
Both comparisons fail to even barely grasp the simple facts and events circulating round Rangers in recent few years.

Anyway I digress Saturday 2 February 2013 was a defeat for Rangers on the pitch but a overwhelming victory off it. The opposition team Rangers faced on Saturday spent most of the last year decrying Rangers as a irreverence to them, attempting to kill Rangers, and standing in front of any Ginger Toilet Brush Hair journalist with agenda to express their twisted ideals on Sporting Integrity. Also given the Bald Begal who runs the club attempted murder of Rangers it must of stuck in his throat to instruct his Printers to include the word Rangers on tickets and programs.
So being in same hat to be drawn in 5th round, proof of Rangers survival, actually being able to fulfil a fixture was Rangers first victory.

The Bald Begal spent most of the last year saying that the Rangers Pound would not be missed by his Corner Shop. I don’t know if it was his Mummy who told him that last year but this year obviously daddy’s bald boy must of checked one of his set of books and discovered that his club would indeed miss Rangers money and embarked on the “BEAT THE BOYCOTT” crusade of panic buying and panic selling. So victory number 2 for Rangers. Exposing the simple truth that one bald chairman may have inherited daddy’s business but not his self made fathers business sense.

Then we get to the fact of listening to your own fans. Rangers fans announce boycott in attending the cup game less than 400 broke that boycott. You could say less than 3% of Rangers fans disagreed with the main body of Rangers Supporters. It is their right to its a free country and good luck to them, no hard feelings. The beat the boycott brigade failed to fill their stadium. Another great sell out Saturday fiasco.

In fact comparing the last home league match with live tv attendance to the cup game on live tv produces negligible figures.

Another victory to Rangers.

When Rangers needed its fans Rangers fans delivered many times over. When a failing SPL club said we listened to you last summer, now please we need you to turn up and support us for one day pretty please! I can only imagine one of the,following explains the attendance at the game. Either
– Their loyal loud mouthed fan base is significantly smaller than imagined by the club.


– There was a extreme dose of selective hearing by its loyal big spending fan base


– Even Arabs can’t stand sitting near Lorraine Kelly!

Now on the playing side I am not going to document the events of last year. You all know it but if your going to compare the team Ally put out to face Berwick in Season 12-13 to the team in Barcelona 1972 then you seriously need to look at yourself. I would love the skills of the 1974-5 treble winning team the will to win of the 9 in a row squad but seriously did any of us expect it to happen this year?

Last summer Ally watched as a squad of international players left, got 2 weeks to build a squad, barred from signing players, only finding out what league he was to play in days before first fixture. Let me put it this way getting promoted from sfl3 making a good start in sfl2 and getting to 1 September 2013 is all that matters right now. It is true Rangers have issues with players quality and standards. They are looking a increasingly tired bunch they do look like players sometimes phoning in performances because let’s face it they know the 15 year old they are in competition with for a starting place has his standard grades coming up. So they know they are the sole owner of a jersey. Maybe not even admitting that to themselves but it’s obvious its in their head somewhere. Ally knows all he has to do is develop players stick to budget and get promoted. He also knows he is stuck in a lift with these players hurriedly pulled out of a lucky bag til September. I am glad still to see Rangers on a fixture list, I know I have seen better players and performances in BLUE over the years but that’s not the point. I with others spent the summer wondering if their would be a Rangers playing games this year. When I found out there would be I breathed a sigh of relief, adjusted my levels of anticipation and looked forward to the future.

The basics are the very fact Rangers fulfilled a fixture in Scottish Cup 5th round against one of the financial hemorrhaging SPL clubs, must stick in ten SPL clubs and Neil Doncaster’s throat.

We all can spot that Rangers are not a great team at present but Rangers are a Great Club.

The Great Club wounded by many with knives in its back clearly needs just one thing, the continuing support of its Fans. Not blind faith and misplaced loyalty but support. All fans have to do is realise this year you are attending matches albeit against clubs you never imagined last year but the Club we love is still operating in every sphere, 140 years of history and still going. With patience and understanding Rangers gain strength from the ground up.

Events took nearly everything from the club our club but with the best fans in the world guarded the club. When a con man left the club lying on the pavement, when the big guns of the SPL stood round kicking the club when it was down, when the tax man was rifling through the unconscious body of the club pockets looking for loose change, when media men showed true colours passing out weapons they had manufactured specially to the baying crowd to beat the club with. The fans rallied. The armour of numbers surrounded the club 5 deep, 50 deep, 500 deep, 5000 deep growing until you couldn’t count how many are protecting the club. That’s the spirit the club needs again. All the Greatest fans in the world need to remember is it won’t be pretty, it won’t be classic or stylish, it not a great team or great squad, it’s a great club. Standards held close by fans, expectation levels need adjusted not for ever just for 2 or 3 years. Let the Club grow and gain strength. Remember the powers that be has a grave still open for us and they thought the club was in it already. They almost managed to rip the fabric of our club but they failed. Now as Rangers gets stronger day by day in every way the botched assassination squad of the SPL and SFA get weaker.

Don’t confuse this with defeatism its not. I would be loudest cheer if Rangers had stomped into the quarter finals of the cup. Rubbing the warped oppositions nose in it morning noon and night as well as at day break. If the ball bounced off Andrew Little’s bum to go in for the winner I would of celebrated it like a screamer from 30 yards. Realistically all Rangers fans hoped but we all knew playing wise we are not up to the mark, yet, at the moment! But we are still playing!

The day we go to one of SPL hit squad and beat them then declare a holiday because that party will last a long time. Sadly or more accurately truthfully we as fans all expected to get beat. Football fans have the script in head for teams and the highly educated fans of Rangers knew that their football knowledge would not allow them to expect victory. Maybe Rangers fans losing the expectation to win come what may every game is the latest asset the fan base has remembered. It means we as fans begin to appreciate the fact that our history remains, that despite multi facid attacks from every direction Rangers still exist. The pleasure I get from seeing Rangers play, reading future fixtures, seeing thousands of fans, friends, family attending ibrox this season overrides any defeat. In ideal world it’s 3 years till Rangers get to Top division realistically 5 years till Rangers could become Champions. That’s the way it is.

Great Rangers men have said in past wise words.
“We Don’t Do Walking Away”
“We Welcome The Challenge”

So as the club recharges and recovers let’s keep it real and remember its only 6 months since we had lost a squad of players and couldn’t even name 7 players to start any game. Let’s just concentrate on the promotions and begin the judgements in a year’s time.

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