The Elephant In The Room!

3 Jul

Life is good. As the furniture gets rearranged in the League offices of Hampden the nice new signs go up and the round of redundancies become distant memories. The air turns to the first big task this single league body, that somehow we have all seen before, has to do. Appoint its first CEO, or what ever name they want to call the position.

longmuir and doncaster

Two candidates emerge. Neil Doncaster former head of the SPL and David Longmuir former head of the SFL. These two men have a record and are well positioned to ask for the job given their experience running League Bodies in Scotland. If this is a two-horse all is fair race to represent the needs of forty-two clubs fairly and without prejudice than its clear to me at least who is the best man for, indeed the only MAN for the job. With a proven track history of listening and then acting on a constituency of members views. Views it has to be said contradict from one club to another. Then the answer is simple and obvious. DAVID LONGMUIR.

Longmuir has the vast majority of the forty-two clubs trust. He negotiated his way through a tough time for Scottish Football, presided over a league that may not of increased its market share but certainly did not lose any. Until last month was sitting atop an organisation with not one but two sponsors for its league and cup competitions. A man who despite bullying and pressure always returned to his board with facts and plans. Longmuir showed calmly kept his head when all around him were losing theirs. A class act with knowledge of the rule book that backs him up.

Where Longmuir could fail however is where the SPFL could fail right from the start. Employing Doncaster has to be seen as a pro top 12 bias. Will the top 12 clubs show favouritism for the man who ran their league into the ground. Left it with no Sponsor no media deal and in disarray. The man the top 12 sent out to beg bully and berate on their bidding. Doncaster choked on a diet of “Sporting Integrity” and “Financial Doping”.  The fact of the matter is this when the chips are down The often Entertaining Englishman can be found frying them.  In uncertain times under the Private Members Club of the SPL’s watch Rangers, Hearts, Gretna and Motherwell twice have all fell into administration.  Recent members of the Club Dundee, Livingston and Dunfermline have joined the list.   The SPL’s tainted history is undoubted.  The especially example of Rangers still not liquidated and therefore currently sold in administration and made to reapply for membership for everything is not the sting in the tail.  I leave that bitter pill to the SPL tribunal that believed Hearts in the last days of its last season as a league.  For that alone Doncaster must never grace Scottish football again.  As Head of the SPL he believed the obvious lies and allowed Dundee to be relegated killing the “Sporting Integrity” myth once and for all.  “Financial doping?” well Dundee were duped abused and thrown to the lambs.  Why because it suited what every little petty minded agenda of the SPL.  They simply could not stand to lose a club a season.

Simply put Doncaster’s SPL failed Rangers in 2012, failed Dundee in 2013, failed to enhance and promote the top 12 in his tenure, failed to come across as a neutral representative body, had club Chairmen shouting abuse about members on the steps of Hampden and generally made Scottish football laughable.  I am not sure this will appear on Mr Neil Doncaster’s CV.  Surely though the appointing members of the interview panel will remember Doncaster’s Disasters.

David Longmuir over the period has built a league from the ashes and promoted it to the best, took time to punish Dundee fairly and as of today has at least two sponsors of good character and a reasonable TV deal.  Mr Longmuir has shown a cool calm head.  He repeatedly took counsel before public statements or at least reflected the broad church he stood as head of.  Applied the rules in same manner and refused to be pressurised.

In last year or so Longmuir stood as a beacon while Doncaster acted like Julius Caesar and hopefully a Brutus like character will stab him in his back. History is full of people who stood and watched as Rome burned, announced “let them eat cake” and even said “full steam ahead” in a North Atlantic Ice Field.


Can we all now watch as Doncaster washes his hands and seals his fate. History says that The Captain of the Titanic went down with his ship surely Doncaster should do the honourably thing and drop out of the running for the new post. Placing this Englishman in Charge of the whole League structure of football in Scotland is akin to giving Fred Goodwin a job in a bank!
Fred goodwin

At least Ex RBS Head Ex Sir Fred has quietly disappeared from the Finance sector. The sheer gumption of Doncaster to think that he could get away with the Job beggars belief.  I admit I am a fan of Longmuir he is for me the only one of the two up to the job but bring in new blood and I will be impressed not as impressed as if David Longmuir gets the Job though.


I always thought that Longmuir looked uneasy in the company of Stewart Regan and Neil Doncaster it took me a while to realise why.  Its cause between them Regan and Doncaster have Presided over disaster after disaster.  Showing themselves (Regan & Doncaster) to be as former government bruiser John Reid said about the Home Office “Not fit for purpose”!  Longmuir knows this and surely must be embarrassed by the photos of him standing next to these two English Charlatans. Look at the picture below.  Longmuir is earning less than half the money the other two are stealing but doing a better job by miles.  He must want to push them down the stairs.

Doncaster Regan and Longmuir





But for god sake let’s be honest here Doncaster should have been run out the country and sent to Coventry never to return a long time ago.


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