You Can’t Be Serious

3 Jul

Oh dear.
I am never sure of who makes these decisions or what criteria they use but oh dear.

Neil Doncaster being rewarded by being handed the job of steering the newly formed SPFL.

I may come to the lack of ambition this shows later but what I would like to know is why? Who? So how about some clarity is this the work of the Harper Macleod company. A company that seems inexorably linked to just one Club in Scotland? Was the employment process handled with due diligence. The time scale seems a little short for this. If you think I am a voice in the wilderness in this then read the excellent Bill McMurdo blog

Bill does not pull punches has inside knowledge and contacts but most importantly is not afraid to publish. For those assuming a McMurdo agenda let me remind you he brokered Mo Johnstone’s move to Rangers, hardly the act of a man filled with hatred and bile!

So who in their right minds would hire Neil Doncaster?

Dame Shirley Bassie sung a James Bond song called “Goldfinger” it contained a line “the man with the Midas touch.” We’ll Neil Doncaster is what you get if you take every lyric in that fine song and reverse it. Midas touch? If he fell into a pool of gold he would lose the fillings in his teeth.

The last man to be given such a public job without the ability to see it through was last seen climbing down a rope off the COSTA CONCORDIA!


Having unsuccessfully piloted a small ship ripping the bottom out of this ship below the water line and leaving it sinking on rocks. Doncaster now gets promoted receives a bigger ship and told to navigate through trickier waters. ONLY IN SCOTTISH FOOTBALL!

The stated ambition of the SPFL was to learn from the past, clean the slate and forge a future. With the Doncaster at the helm learning from the past means covering up. It is rumoured that SPL LTD is heavily in debt with effectively no assets. So whisper it its kind of in Doncaster’s benefit to cover that up. So no lesson to learn. Clean the slate well for at least 27 of the 42 clubs is Doncaster not the guy who just one year ago tried to bully them into parachuting a club onto their top tier? As any victim of a bully will testify its hard to wipe away that tattoo. Forge a future how can you trust a single word this man says. He is the only man I know who sounds nervous in print! He has spent most of the last year rubbishing the very product he was paid to promote and administer. The result no title sponsor for the now dead SPL.

This appointment will only make many think the SFPL is not a merger but a aggressive hostile take over.  Not so much a Union or a marriage but a master and slave.  With this appointment East Fife today may as well be East Africa in the early 1800s. Clubs in former sfl1, sfl2 and sfl3 chained in serfdom to the clubs in the former SPL.

Ambition who ever what ever appointed Doncaster has a ambition all right.

To ruin and wreck scottish league football. Sounds like a perfect strategy to excuse yourself from a mess to play in a league in another country. A bit like the reasons why Swansea and now Cardiff are in the English Premiership?

Sporting integrity died a while ago.  With Doncaster at the helm Integrity is a pipe dream for Scottish football that will not appear for a long time.


It’s not like Doncaster will be sacked for incompetence, everyone knows or should know what they get off this fly by night. What did he say at the interview? Employ me or I tell all!

I do wish David Longmuir well. I hope he had not signed a gagging order if he has that will not only deprive us the public the truth but will compound the mistrust of the paying public.


8 Responses to “You Can’t Be Serious”

  1. ron cawley July 4, 2013 at 11:23 am #

    To put it bluntly, scottish football is fucked…the baws burst, the gemme’s a bogie..

    • ronnydavies1972 July 4, 2013 at 12:58 pm #

      Probably true but with right management the damage done can be repaired.

  2. pat July 4, 2013 at 12:27 pm #

    What possible assets could the SPL have? Please enlighten us. And ‘integrity’ seems to mean ‘to Rangers’ benefit.’

    • ronnydavies1972 July 4, 2013 at 12:56 pm #

      The SPL have no assets they gave the only things they had ie the title and fixture list up upon merger.

      As for your integrity I suggest you google the definition. Integrity fairness and consistency are only a few of the things the SPL lost during Doncaster’s tenure. Add financial and business stability. The trust of the majority of fans. In addition to the basic rule of any business to at least maintain if not grow your customer base.

      The perceived interference of just one chairman on the league body upto and including the jobs for the boys (with or without a h) is wrong. League bodies and associations have to digest, take action and be seen to be independent of any one special interest or member. At the same time it has to offer as much support and assistance to any individual member club.

      As you mention Rangers one question for you. Where was robust league management using their own “fit and proper persons test” when Rangers were bought over. Post Gretna we were told this was a water tight robust process. The implications if this failure now with Doncaster as leader places every Scottish club in a precarious state. Rangers, Hearts, Dunfermline, Gretna and Motherwell (twice) have all passed through administration while either recently or being directly under the jurisdiction of Doncaster’s SPL. The writing was on the wall regards this with a massive Club like Celtic being moments from liquidation 20 years ago yet nothing was done til Gretna’s fall. Too many words and questionable actions or lack of action has littered Scottish Football. It surely has to be time for new blood new ideas and increased transparity from Football authorities. Be it financal fair play, referees or player registration. Too many bad decisions have been made by people using skewed rule books or hiding behind committees for any trust to be given to them.

      Thankfully the new UEFA fair play on finances will take the task of ensuring this away from Hampden.

      • pat July 4, 2013 at 9:29 pm #

        And how were they supposed to implement this ‘fit and proper person’ test? It seems to be a trait among Rangers supporters that they have extremely short memories. When people started asking questions about Whyte what was the reaction of the supporters? Marching on Hampden, demonstrating outside BBC, threatened boycotts etc etc. Yet, when the shit hit the fan, as many predicted it would, you all blame the SFA, the BBC and the SPL. What were they supposed to do? It’s a no-win situattion with Rangers; no matter what anyone does you can never take responsibility for your own actions.

      • ronnydavies1972 July 4, 2013 at 11:27 pm #

        Pat its very simple and I think your answering the question on Neil Doncaster’s ineptitude. It was not Rangers, Celtic or any other group of fans who introduced the fabled “fit and proper persons test” it was the SPL. It was their job after announcing this test to implement it.

        Same as the fiasco regarding the suspensions (right or wrong) of Neil Lennon it was the SPL’s job to get that right and within its own rules and those of football. They failed and turned what should of been a rather simple matter to resolve into a fiasco. This Pat is not presuming Neil Lennon was guilty or not but the way verdicts on this was reached was not good for the game. The way a referee’s strike was handled by the SPL WAS WRONG TOO. All this and more not just Rangers or Celtic but many instances of getting the basics wrong prove Mr Doncaster as CEO is not a good choice. I refer you to the Jim Farry scandal. The same treatment should be doled out to Doncaster. The moment a significant number of clubs and fans lose trust in a Authority then its time to decapitate the Authority.

        Now re your Rangers Rant thanks for winding out the debate and going off topic but Rangers is incredibly complex situation. So complex it has taken over a year to liquidate the former holding company. Debts as they stand at present of this company are less than £5 million pound (25% of Hearts current debt) as far as anyone can see the fall of this company was a kind of perfect storm. A lot of over ambitious mismanagement, a erroneous massive tax bill (subject to appeal), a opportunist con man and blind faith from fans. This conspired to put Rangers in their current position. As the Tax Tribunal decided the total liability was a lot less than the BBC had projected, indeed there is a clear argument that the showing of the program “the men who sold the jersey’s” could of been said to be an attempt to prejudice the legal proceedings. The leaks that the BBC encouraged open another question. If someone within the the Tax System is willing to leak or disclose so much information to a journalist then it is not far away from someone within the tax office selling your mine anyone’s tax details to the highest bidder. The met police investigation into colusion between Persons in public office and journalists to the benefit of public servants shows that both Journalist and Civil Servant could possible committed a crime. We can’t have tax details hawked about to highest bidder or favoured Journalists that’s not how the security of the system works.

        Rangers fans generally are watching with interest. A template had been set. Hearts have entered phase one of this template, consistency has to be shown. Incidentally this template is so punitive that in Italy corrupting a match official or concocting a match result gets LESS punishment than was shown to Rangers.

        As for the support shown in marches to hampden etc the numbers involved were more than the average home gate of the majority of the SPL last year.

        And Remember the whole history of the last few years it was not Rangers who created a Referee Strike. It was not Rangers who effectively cut the SPL rule book in two by using Lawyers etc. Rangers suffered a lot of pain due to a lot of reasons. A lot was self inflicted granted but the writing was on the wall as you with perfect hind sight suggest. Sadly I personally see Doncaster’s employment as a sign that no lesson has been learned from Rangers situation. It would pay fans of all clubs to remember that a version of the perfect storm that crashed into Ibrox could easily crash into your own club. Hearts fans will at least now latest to that.

  3. Thewhitesettler July 4, 2013 at 1:50 pm #

    You could’ve wrote this before the meeting to elect that man, as it was always going to be him. The interviews were a sham, & those doing the interviews should be ashamed of themselves.

    • ronnydavies1972 July 4, 2013 at 1:52 pm #

      I blogged yesterday before the announcement too. If you check back you can read it too.

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