Dont Ignore The Warnings

6 Jul

Following up my blog

The voices of hind sight are always invalid in a sense.  Its easy to say “I told you so.” Harder to predict and even harder to be listened to.

I am reminded of a conversation I had with a old timer well he was in his 60’s or 70’s.  This old guy was in my company with a couple of others.  The broad church of Scottish football was represented.  Around the table was a Rangers Fan, a Celtic fan, a Aberdeen fan and a St Mirren Fan.  Sounds like the beginning of a joke but happily for me it reflects my social life and football discussions.

During the conversation the Celtic Fan said to the group that Rangers Administration was the worse day in the history of the club. A simple statement and to many it may be seen to be true.  The old timer Rangers fan corrected him “listen son” he said with a tinge of anger ” Administration does not even make the top 10 of Rangers darkest days.”

The conversation quickly got round to what was the darkest days at Ibrox.  The old timer answered clearly with sadness “January 2 1971 and the hundreds of days that followed”

He was right the loss of 67 lives that day are without doubt the darkest days.  There was no question death and human tragedy trump all.  Now how does this apply to my blog simple.  In the aftermath of the Ibrox Disaster Rangers Willie Waddle toured Europe.  Hunting for safe stadia templates to bring back to Ibrox.  Mr Waddle had 67 reasons, 67 families motivating him in his quest to make Ibrox the Safest place to watch football it could be.  In all his words he said that stadia design was out dated and unsafe.  He championed alone the benefits of bringing Stadiums into the 20th century and on into the 21st. No one really listened in UK filled with relics from the 1800s calling them safe and blaming fans when injuries happened.  Only Richard Donald in Aberdeen listened and at lowest cost made his stadium all seated, all be it with areas of concern.  At least The Great Mr Donald listened partially no other club did. For 16 years through Football Violence and fan legislation no one considered the infra structure of where the now heavily policed fans stood.  Rangers insistence on safer stadia never wavered though.  Rangers never forgot sending Players and officials to 67 funerals in early 1971.  The rest of Scotland and the UK did forget though.  It took Hillsbourgh for the UK to listen.  Ninety six deaths, Police cover ups and years of families fighting for justice but sadly the world listened and Willie Waddle’s ignored words came back to haunt football.  It was no accident Lord Justice Taylor toured Ibrox during his quest to produce a blueprint for safer stadia.

Now we get to voices unheard today.  Gretna financial meltdown was a warning, despite promises to tighten the ship this didn’t stop Dundee, Motherwell, Livingstone, Rangers, Dunfermline and Hearts. Last year in scenes of farce and criminal negligence Rangers hit the financial wall.  Rangers fans warned “This is just the beginning.” sometimes not worded as clearly but basically this is the essence of what was said and meant.  Maybe the celebratory often jealous often vindictive voices of the loud others in the SPL drowned out the warnings but they were clearly there to be listened too if you chose.  Like Mr Waddle in the 1970’s though the warnings were ignored.  Now Hearts and Dunfermline are suffering.  The template for what has to happen to Hearts and Dunfermline is set and remembered.

Neil Doncaster has a hell of a job to get money into the game in times of austerity. Good luck I doubt the combined brains of Donald Trump, Dragons Den and Lord Sugar could sell that pup. Certainly not for the income required. Doncaster allied with SFA Regan are the lame ducks paddling like hell under the water trying not to look nervous above it.

Rangers are not immune from only hearing what they want.  Many warnings about Craig Whyte went unheard.  Was he a Fit and Proper person to run a football club?  At the time he must be he had passed the SFA/SPL test.  Whyte had passed the due diligence tests that every business being taken over has to go through.  That should be enough to give confidence.  Well hind sight says no it wasn’t.  Can’t point a finger at the Bank (Lloyds TSB) they got their money and ran for the hills whooping and hollering.  Seems that sometimes you reap what you sow.

So now today we have where any word of warning from Rangers fans is ignored.  The SPL does need the old firm clearly the customer base alone provided just enough money to keep the banks away from the clubs door.  The top division needs the draw of the Derby.  This is to separate the two strands of this.  Rangers required punished for the misdemeanours committed in its name by well known persons.  The punishments dished out will be measured in hind sight.  On the whole no Rangers Fan disputes that punishment was required. There is a concern that the punishment of effective relegation to SFL3 was seen as fair enough.  The accompianing signing bans and loss of votes etc are seen as examples of jealous vengeance.  In truth we all have to wait till a club hits the same wall as Rangers did.

The truth of the matter really is that Rangers fans feel the pain.  Know the situation have seen it, felt it, and bought the t shirt.  Just because you don’t like Rangers does not mean you can ignore the views of the fans.  The Rangers Fan Base still out numbers nearly every other club in Scotland put together.

Rangers fans with experience recognise a scam, a shyster, con men and ineptitude.  They are not so pleased to welcome a number of new members of this select wearing maroon from Edinburgh.  In spite of everything Rangers fans deep down do not wish to join any celebratory club that takes pleasure at watching others suffer.   The overwhelming notion of this group is that Regan and Doncaster are not fit or proper persons to hold office.  Winston Churchill spent most of the 1930’s warning of the dangers of Germany rearming, the appeasers condemned him as a Warmonger and pushed him to the edge of politics.  He was right though. As soon as war broke out in 1939 a fast car and a telegram was  sent to Sir Winston and he was rapidly brought back into the fold. Doncaster and Regan are tuned into listening to David Icke! The madder less realistic the projection as long as it tallys with their barely hidden puppet masters then all is well full steam ahead.

The biggest question on the new boss of the SPFL appointment has to be not really how Doncaster managed to wangle the job.  Not who? why? and what made him the winning candidate.  No the real question is this why was there only two candidates? Was the job advertised? if not why not? If so why did no outside new blood apply?  Is Scottish football that damaged that no one from outside its often twisted system willing to risk their reputation by associating themselves with it.  I think maybe this is the case and if the business administrators of the UK don’t want involved then the companies and Marquee Brands the same people control won’t want involved either.  I can see BDO or Duff and Phelps sponsoring the League but then again why would they they are already on most clubs emergency speed dial.

As long as no one listens and no one learns, and lets face it Regan and Doncaster have a track history of burying their heads in the sand. Then sadly Gretna, Motherwell, Dundee, Rangers, Dunfermline and Hearts fans will not be alone in having to have a whip round to try and keep their Club alive.  Predictions on who will follow Hearts are wide spread,  Dundee United, Kilmarnock and Aberdeen being the favourites to call Brian Jackson maybe its right but the words from today and last year is simpler than that there will be other clubs in trouble and Doncaster/Regan have already shown they are not up for the job.

2 Responses to “Dont Ignore The Warnings”

  1. Jamie Boal July 7, 2013 at 4:26 am #

    Sadly 66 people died in the IBROX disaster in 1971. The ceo job should have been advertised and a member from the private business sector appointed and a better job would have been guaranteed! Instead we have the exact same old faces that hate RANGERS as the main shakers on the board of the spfl. Who appointed that board? The only thing that has changed is the governing body name nothing else and Scottish Football will slide even further with these bunch of chancers and those at the same old same old sfa running/ruining the game.

    • ronnydavies1972 July 7, 2013 at 7:46 am #

      Jamie spot on the other thing that’s changed is a establishment SFL has ceased to exist. I can’t figure out if the position was advertised and no new blood applied or it wasn’t advertised at all. At best any new candidate didn’t make the short list that seems unlikely given the time scale at worse it was “jobs for the boys”

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