Brand Targets

21 Jul

The attack on the Rangers bus at its depot is sickening.


There is no excuse for this but obviously a reason for it in the sad minds of the criminals who carried out this act. I am though slightly concerned that this will not be the first attack on a team bus.

Bayern Munich began this trend for seriously luxurious branded team transport. Their bus actually their two buses play leap frog with the team on European trips one bus drops the team off at airport while another left days before to pick them up on arrival. This statement from the German club is that they are self contained.  It is a bubble that modern day players seem to live in either by choice or expectation.


So who could of had motive to carry out the Rangers Bus attack is actually not a question, there is I am sure a long list of possible motives ranging from jealous rival fans to jealous rival bus companies. Whatever the motive, this branding of the transport will unfortunately and rather inevitably lead to further attacks.

When Rangers arrived in a black bus with a cherished registration plate they were no real attacks on it miles away from grounds. The black Parks of Hamilton livery camouflaged the team into the road infrastructure. This aided by Celtic sharing the the same bus supplier and you need a pretty sharp sighted vandal to attack the right team bus or even a bus load of Grannies on a day out. 


Years ago in Aberdeen you used to get local celebrities and Players driving cars with their names on the side and name of car dealership. Such and such drives a ford from Cordiners emblazoned on the doors.  Even in the less angry times of the 1980’s there was one local celebrity who seemed to always have various scratches on the side of his sponsored car.

I saw the Rangers bus it was lovely very swish and dripping with luxury.  I also recently saw the Aberdeen Bus same standards both with club crests draped over the side. Sadly though for everyone with a sense of pride in seeing their team bus they are 10 who want to put a brick through the window.

It is a sad comment on today’s twisted society but one we all know to be true.  I worry that “Team Bus Bashing” will lead to incidents similar to the miners strike in the 1980’s with missiles being thrown from motorway bridges etc. There are only a few solutions to this.

Improve security around the trinket of team busses.

Have police escort the team from start of journey to end. Including patrolling every motorway bridge the bus travels under.

Or Radical idea tone down the paint jobs because at present you may as well paint a target on the side of the vehicle so the neds and thugs can hit their target.

I am all for celebrating the brand. As I am also enjoying the PR battle of the Coach Companies. Sad to say though the decision by Parks Of Hamilton not to Brand the buses they used for Celtic, Rangers and Scotland National Team seems to be proved to be prudent and safe.

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