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Double Standards

23 Aug

Ian Black to answer charges he placed a few bets.  It’s hardly Juventus march fixing but all over the media and internet. A crack squad of persecutors or prosecutors await Ian and no doubt lawyers stand guard on large retainers to ensure legality.

“Gambling as we all know is wrong horrible and should be discoutaged at all costs” I do hope one of the hapless SFA jocks say that.

  Then we can look forward to the William Hill Scottish Cup. Because simply put that could be the message that comes from this.

Not clarity of motive of participants but more “brand loyalry”.

Another case of Scottish Football goes nuts. Getting the CSI crew out to investigate a player in the bottom tier while the big boys run amoke. Maybe Ian Black’s crime was Bet Victor or popping into Ladbrokes.

I am sure though that he hasn’t had as in-depth conversation with Ladbrokes as The Sfa have had with William Hill.
Gambling is bad unless they pay you. Drinking is bad unless they sponsor you. Our brands good your brands bad. Honestly I overheard a conversation of two football fans arguing over what cider was superior. The truth is they are both inferior mass produced full of additives and will never feature in my top 100 drinks.

Maybe just maybe this is the answer regards Ian Black it wasn’t that he may of gambled on football or not just he didn’t gamble with the new improved gambling partner brand.

Incidentally who made the authorities aware of Ian Black’s gambling and how can we be sure of what who why where when he gambled. I have never publicised my betting slips win lose or as Danny Baker laterally Shane Ritchie said Draw!

Sfa QC “so you bet on rangers losing a goal against Peterhead on this date?”

Ian Black “No”

QC “I have the slip here”

Black “wasn’t me”

There is when you get down to it no evidence. Unless it was William Hill and they are keeping tabs on players. Then again its hardly on their best interests to shop a player gambling, well by sounds of it giving q bookmaker a shed load of money.

Like Flies?

21 Aug

Have you noticed?

Unless you look carefully I bet you haven’t.

If you allow the media agenda, usually set by editors not individual journalists, to direct your thoughts then you miss a lot.  As I write this there is two stories emerging from Ibrox and a defeated Celtic in Europe.

Yes big stories Charles Green, Ian Black and Scotland’s sole representatives in Europe being beaten by an unheard club way down the rankings. All worthy of reflection and discussion.

The generally lazy direction of Scottish Sports Journalists obediently following instructions churning out the same old same old.

It surely is a profession where bucking the trend is not an option.  Standing out from the crowd, such an easy thing to achieve in the chinless wonders of the Scottish Football Press pack is banned by some kind of NUJ rule.

Like flies round proverbial the press boys travel in packs they should share a taxi in fact such is their conjoined nature why have by lines just send the one journalist and print a single story.   Spoon feed a Football nation mass-produced mush dressed up as facts complete with artificial additives.  That is the fare presented to football fans.

Take today the (w)hoards will gathered round Ibrox looking for board room insights.  The rest will swarm round Neil Lennon looking for his latest golden nugget that will propel Celtic into the Champions league.

The regional media will gather round their local team trying to get a few more bums on seats as they assume that local sports teams and the customers of both their media and club are tied in a cabal of convenience that to be negative is seen as treason. Local press for local folk. A local media scape that has to be as positive as it can be regards its local team or else!

While the locals exhort Local Football Club and the Nationals are distracted by the shiny often whiney objects in their sights, there appears to be no one looking at the stories just out of the cross hairs.

The thorny chestnut of what Neil Doncaster is doing?
In now five weeks all Mr Doncaster seems to of done is get his Crayons out and copy the English Premiership Branding adding a Lion. All the time bemoaning that the landscape of Scottish football is neither Stable or Secure for big business to invest in or sponsor.


Then we have the events at Hearts.
Still reeling from administration fans are attempting to rip off a Nation (Lithuania) by buying what remains of their club on the cheap. The Preferred bidders for Hearts sounds good but the big stumbling block is the Lithuanian administrators of UBig. Failure to pay the massive debt means the Lithuanian Tax Payer gets stuck with the bill. Currently it is believed that the Prefered bid is around the £5 million mark. With fans effectively looking to be in full control of shares in 5 years. Great plan to be commended and a Fans trust will be welcomed. It’s a shame though that the bid is around 20% of the debt and in breakdown means most debtors will get less than 4p in the pound. Also £5 million barely covers the price of the land Tynecastle sits on. Taken as a whole the land assets are worth more than the offer and Lithuanian Administrators will want a land asset in Edinburgh to achieve its full market value. That is before the value of the buildings on the land or the value of the club brand. You could double the prefered bid before you will get close to what is close to  acceptable.  is not grade one listed it is not protected, a supermarket could still stand where maroon heroes once played.

No one seems to be interested in what David Southern said to the SPL tribunal regards Heart of Midlothian being financially independent of UBig when Vladimir Romanov’s empire when onto administration.

Hind sight tells you that whatever Mr Southern and by default Hearts said it was wrong and possibly untrue.

David Southern and Members of the old Hearts Board should be joining Craig Whyte on the list blackballed from Scottish Football.
No one seems interested in the fact these at best dodgy statements from Hearts relegated Dundee FC or even that there is a case regards St Mirren receiving less prize money.

Even this years point deduction (last year’s league total divide by three) can be questioned because given what we now know did Hearts really want to win all their games post split last year certainly the last away game in Aberdeen is suspicious regards the trouble Gorgie club. Winning would be gaining three points useless last seasons final league table but meaning additional points deductions in this season’s league from the start.

This is not a witch hunt against Hearts I wish them well hope they survive but the path to security is twisted. Also the hangover from the last days of the Romanov empire will not neatly be swept to one side.

So next time you read Ian Black, Rangers and Celtic European dismay think what else is a story that no one wants you to read.

Ian Black The Heart of The Matter

20 Aug

Ian Black cited for breach of betting rules. Well if the evidence stacks up then get any accused into the tribunals and the truth will out. Keep to the principal held dear in all good democracies – INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY. I do hope we won’t get the usual Scottish fare of let’s just call them the usual suspects procrastinating about Ian Black being guilty before he has been given a opportunity to prove otherwise. If this happens and we all expect it too in some form or another then I am afraid that the lessons that should of been learned by media outlets from the “Top Tier Tax Tribunals” original decision have not been realised.

Quick Question. Who is is line for Scottish Bafta for making up untruths this time?

Like me though do you wonder who discovers any possible breaches.  I mean is this the bookmaker upset that Ian Black possibly won money?  A fellow gambler upset that he was not included in the syndicate.  To be honest I have no clue who but what does it take to be the catalyst for investigation.

Notice I say investigation not citing or punishment but inveatigation. What does it take to be looked at by the authorities. Is there a Crimewatch style hotline to the SFA special branch. If so it must be a secret (hardly a good template for a hotline) because no one seems to know how you inform on a Club, Player, Official, questionable match or dodgy character.

So we are left with the only route to justice being exposed by the press.  A press who appear to be suffering from their own hypocrasy issues regards their mandate of purity and truth.  The print media suffering from Levingson/hacking scandals and the broadcast media suffering shock from becoming a camouflage for a number of abusing employees.  They are hardly in a position to become the moral judges. 

In truth a story to the press is not based on how the truth will out but how much it will increase their circulation or kudos. 

The SFA react, they appear not to be proactive.  As long as no one says different Hampden thinks nothing is wrong.  It’s a definition of bunker syndrome. Nothing said and nothing done till the postman delivers bad news. Then they engage the systems and hope the defendant does not employ a hot shot lawyer to help in his defence.

Ian Black may be innocent he may be guilty time will tell but waiting to be informed makes the sfa a sitting duck for informants with,agendas rather than actively attempting to root put any law breaking itself.

For example no one in the SPFL SFA Hampden Hide away appear to be even vaguely suspicious of one of the last round of games of the SPL season 2012/13.

One team had a reasonable motive not to try to win and accrue three points.  Points that would directly hurt this club in season 2013/14.  A club already possibly guilty of bending the rules in the days previous to this match. Not sure about teams selling the jerseys more about no one raising the issue.

Maybe its just me but the last week of last season requires careful investigation if only to remove suspicion.

Will anyone at Hampden do this I doubt it, the information is hidden in plain sight not delivered in a brown envelope signed with love “Deep Throat”

Scotland’s Shamful Supporters – Who Sainted The Tartan Army

18 Aug

Right it seems that if you criticise The Tartan Army for being abusive, offensive and generally racist then you have to be prepared for a deluge of abuse, offensive and racist comments from the tartan army foot in mouth Soldiers.

Show them this sheet music
Or better still play it on a instrument and it kind of becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.  Sing it and you could find yourself facing down legions of louts wearing plaid.

Such is the egos of the Tartan Clad Clots that they assume the Tartan Army can do no wrong, not now not ever. You even get the excuse if we are not as bad as …. This "wee bit pregnant" style excuse fails right off the bat. Even just banter fails as the authorities and tartan army fans have ignored this reasoning from old form and Edinburgh clubs. So for the Tartan army to it now is evidence of a special kind of hypocrisy. This is not to mention the excuse of non violence well sorry words can be violent too and to compare any member of the Tartan Army to Rosa Parks and M.L.K. is nothing short of delusion.

I wonder who sainted these ambassadors of abuse. What evidence mandates the self classification of the Scottish National Teams Loud Mouthed fans. I look at scenes from the last 50 year's and I am not seeing much evidence that backs up the "Angels In Tartan Tammies" tag.

To answer my own question and to despel the accusation of West of Scotland bias. I will repeat my veiw. The lack of Supporters from the big two metropolitan multicultural centres of Scotland means that Scotland is now followed by the backward country bumpkins that defend Bernard Manning! Uneducated bigots who armed with one piece of correct if bot unused information will still manage to embaress themselves.

So with the Commonwealth Games Tickets going on sale I would urge the Tartan Army to stay away from the events next year. The games will have athletes from nations the tartan army don't like. England will be represented as will India, Pakistan and several African nations. In fact Tartan Army Soldiers a lot of the athlete's and visitors will not be like petty minded Scottish bigots, a lot of people present in arenas won’t even be Scottish.

So why can I make the statement that the tartan army is populated by sub humans outwith the main multicultural centres of Scotland. Simple most Celtic fans do not support Scotland due to a mistrust of the SFA going back to Jorge Cadette! Rangers fans don’t trust the sfa going back to unofficial use of tv evidence to punish a Graeme Souness. That is not to mention the ethnic cleansing employed by the Tartan army to get rid of old firm fans. Edinburgh fans are similar they tend not to be so happy that to see Scotland at home they have to travel along the M8. These matches should in their view be played in the Capital not 40 miles away.

There is of course an additional reason. Glasgow and Edinburgh have large multicultural populations and have developed into tolerant societies. Now I am not going to hold up the old firm as paragons of virtue. Nor am I going to suggest that Edinburgh is a Martin Luther King City of tolerance. Yet in comparson to The shires within the shores of Scotland the advancement of Glasgow and Edinburgh is undoubted.

In Glasgow and Edinburgh folk respect the anthems of others and at least realise that if you play a verse and a chorus it is easy to assume it to be verse one. Certainty the Metropolitans don’t automatically assume that the unsung lyrics that could cause them offense is the very silent words being sung in their own heads. As I said in previous posts the Lichtenstein Anthem being booed automatically discredited any anti-Marshall-Wade-ism, unless someone shows me that the first verse of “Oben am jungen Rhein” (Up above the young Rhine) is actually a battle cry for the men of Lichtenstein to attack Dundee!

To decry a musical score is akin to the burning of Beatles records by rednecks. I wonder how many of The Tartan Army have spent the last week burning all their Nike Clothing and Footwear because England wore Nike stripes. It’s ludicrous to extend a genuine rivalry the oldest rivalry in international football to this level.

Sadly though I think by decrying the big city teams branding Rangers, Celtic, Hearts and Hibs as bigots/racists and bad eggs the Tartan army has failed in its much vaunted intention to police itself.

As seen at Wembly last week the tartan army is devoid of the big city fans and filled with educationally sub normal bigots who fueled by alcohol and ignorance continue to embaress Scotland.

Much lauded laws were introduced to combat ignorance. Yet they are hardly used outside Glasgow or on Non Old firm fans and not on the Tartan Army. The Tartan Army are all members of the Scotland travelling fans and as such are on a database so they are easily traced. They booed they embarrassed they caused it so BAN THEM ALL. The twenty-five thousand who misrepresented the Scottish Nation should be at least shamed by association.

Strange thought though how does Englishman Stewart Regan feel having his national anthem booed by fans paying his wages. Wonder how new league chief Neil Doncaster feels about this too. Oh sorry Regan and Doncaster have I just reminded the loudest bigots in Scotland that your not Scottish.

Watch your inboxes.

Twenty five thousand went to Wembley and three arrests showing that not only is ignorance not a excuse for breaking the law but ignorance is not against the law, well not in England anyway. In Scotland there is a task force looking into it. Maybe they should look into the self-beatification of the Tartan army. The same Government who are bringing in minimum pricing for alcohol units because it wants to reduce alcohol abuse in Scottish society celebrates, indeed uses a whiskey fuelled mob of ignorant bigots as “Cultural Ambassadors” what next Andy Murray as a stand up comic!

Scotland’s Shameful Supporters – The New Order Tartan Army

15 Aug

I don’t get embarrassed often. Then again I am pretty much unshockable.  I am shocked and embarrassed today though. Its not by a single incident though its more the accumulation of events. Sadly though these feelings I have and the history make me have real concerns.

Those who read my blog on team busses will know I already have concerns about the quality of sports fan and society in Scotland today (not John Mckay). Events at Wembley last night take these concerns further.

The seemingly acceptable behaviour of booing national anthems has not just grown arms and legs in the last decade but is now so “Scottish” that this practice sports a Tartan Tammy, ginger wig and a cheap kilt! It has developed into quite frankly racism.  Gone are the days of a welcoming band of alcohol fuelled freindly party lads. You know the photos of tartan clad, Sun burnt Jocks kissing Policewoman has gone.  It’s been replaced by the spectacle of national anthems being drowned out by fans.  Now before I get comments saying this lyric or that verse the same uneducated Scottish fans booed the Liechtenstein national anthem because it shared a musical score with God Save The Queen, so to be honest the pseudo-nationalists taking the hump at certain lyrics has been “sent homeward to think again”.

Its only football fans I hear you say. Yes at the moment but football fans are part of society too. This cultural force walks beside us day in day out. Now in less than a year the same citizens will be taking their families to Commonwealth Games events and whisper it ENGLAND will be represented and stand a good chance of winning some medals. Cue the boo boys passing on their ideals to a new generation and embarrassing a nation live on tv around the world.

It’s not national pride and surely does not reflect Scotland.  It’s just the loud mouthed self appointed cultural ambassadors Scotland has developed over the last few years have let the side down.  In the last year a agenda of anti anything not Scottish has infected sport.  Rangers hired out amazing facilities to a few European teams visiting to play Celtic in European competitions, they were accused of disloyalty to Scottish Sport. Let’s not get into the extra political agendas that were attached to this, just deal with the facts.  Rangers as a business are entitled to rent out their facilities to anyone who asks.  Also on the run up to the Commonwealth Games Rangers promoted the superb sporting facilities around Scotland to

I do have a theory the Tartan Army has lost a large section of fans and been high jacked by a new breed.  The West of Scotland branch of the tartan army has lost members, they have been replaced by members from the Provences. The members of the tartan army from the main cities Glasgow and Edinburgh has reduced and these places have been filled by provincial fans.  I have travelled around Scotland been to many games at many stadia. In my experience the worse examples of offensive behaviour are outwith Glasgow and Edinburgh. Incidentally and sorry buddies but I include Paisley in with Glasgow.  In my experience you want to experience the mindset of the 1970s complete with its sexist, racist any ist then go visit Lanarkshire, Ayrshire, Tayside or Grampian.  I am not proud of this but I have heard words on a bus in Aberdeen recently that could of came from the script of “Love Thy Neighbour” in 1970s. 

Why is this the case simple the jingoistic nationalist racist disease is infecting society shocking it. As long as the Tartan Army are getting away Scot free (no pun intended) then its only natural that this behaviour is seen as allowable, god forbid normal in the rest of society.

So its time the authorities stopped seeing booing national anthems as examples of the jolly japes of the Jocks and started seeing it as an example of the behaviour we all want to rid society of.

Thems The Rules

3 Aug

Oh dear.

You see if you change the rules enforce new rules to the fullness available to you and make your motive for this rather clear. Then you had better make sure you continue to follow to the letter. Because moving the goal posts about is fine and dandy if not clear and stable. It’s also helpful to remember that your barely hidden target is watching taking notes.

It is illegal within the rules of association to take your national association or league body to court. It’s a rule designed to make the authorities final arbiter beyond contempt. Shame Neil Doncaster and Stewart Regan are now in the dock with contempt the least of the charges.

Rangers began in January looking to use a loophole in the rules regards Trialists. Murray Park planned out how to use this loophole to the maximum and things looked reasonable. Cometh the hour cometh the puppets. Enraged that anyone in G51 would spot a loophole yet alone use it. Scottish Footballs own Nookie Bear and Orville the Duck slam shut the loophole and celebrate their pyrich victory. And it is a pariah victory because by showing willingness to make up rules bend rules change the landscape what have Orville and Nookie achieved.

No business is willing to engage them in any form of contract, why?

If you are willing to move the goal posts about with your member clubs then you are likely to do Yeh same with business partners and they can at least sue. Even if they don’t want too.

In addition to the lack of income (begging the question what is paying Orville and Nookie’s wages) the legality of every word of the SFA SPFL is now tagged with “subject to scrutiny”. The obvious confidence of the two puppets to do as they please will only lead to complacency. A dangerous mix with these two.

The real danger is though if as the pattern seems to show the more you move the goal posts and make up rules to suit a agenda you have is that eventually you paint yourself into a corner and then is when the trouble really begins.

Already Rangers have asked for clarity on rules and decisions. This is just the beginning. In time the Muppets will fond themselves in a position that quiet simply brings down the house of cards.

With teams struggling to make ends meet would it not be better if Doncaster and Regan secured new funds rather than try to settle old scores.

Seen To Be Done

3 Aug

Seen To Be Done.

Seen To Be Done

2 Aug

Well the first  judgements are in and they show that they are special cases in Scottish football.  The SFA/SPFL formerly SPL has spoken. Same charge same verdict same punishment? Well no.

With the verdicts and punishments dished out to Hearts and Dunfermline juxtaposed beside the punishments Rangers received not 12 months ago one thing had become clear.  Consistency and precedent are not applied in Scottish Football. Once again decisions made in the name of authorities can be brought into question. Certainly from the outside looking in its easy to see what the SFA/SPFA see as who is the favoured Ones and who is the club looked on as the evil ones.

saints and sinners

For me a fine and similar punitive signing restrictions was the least Heart’s could have expected and Dunfermline should have received a lesser fine and similar signing restrictions. Now Hearts and Dunfermline look likely to have points deductions in the coming league year but given the favourable treatment both these clubs seem to be receiving any points penalty should be nullified quickly with their new 6 points for a win 3 points for a draw and 1 point for a loss. Put simply looking at the situation it would not surprise you if this was applied.

I will concede that the allegedly independent tribunal may have reached its verdicts without outside interference. The publicity caravan that followed Rangers last year simply didn’t follow Hearts or Dunfermline.  The masses of loud shouting bigots (we can now assume they are bigots due to them only targeting Rangers) never showed up. So it’s entirely possible the latest three-man panel did not get their views coloured by negative press. Certainly there was no in-depth investigation into either Hearts or Dunfermline. No spin on at best flimsy and at worse outright lies was broadcast or awarded a “Sony” media award.  Their was no disbanded “tax case” web site. So the answer to why seems simple. The Panels sat at different times with different media landscapes that applied different pressures on the panels or there is a badly contrived cover up occurring.  It is all too easy to assume some sort of moving of goal posts or worse is happening within Scottish Football.  If Neil Doncaster is wanting Clarity and Stability in order to attract Blue Chip Sponsors then seriously whoever is acting as Puppet master in all this is spectacularly blowing any chance Neil had out the water and beyond Doncaster’s short grasp.

Rangers are right to ask for an explanation. Will they get one? With Regan and Doncaster at the helm answers are not the usual form.  In fact usually you have to make many public statements accuse everyone and their dog of bias and cause a section of the SFA to strike before the SFA move on a subject.

You cannot say Hearts didn’t win anything during Romanov’s debt ride they won Scottish Cups so it’s not as if they didn’t affect the history of the game, so in truth why shouldn’t Hearts be dealing with the same punishments as Rangers. Dunfermline gained Promotion so they had their own success too so a fine and signing bans should continue.  Am I wrong in thinking that some high profile Puppeteers are leaving their finger prints all over the scene. Well I can now publish photos of both panels taken as the emerged from their deliberations.





Justice is strange not only should it be done but it should be seen to be done. Regan and Doncaster sit astride a missile of incompetence. Like Peter Sellars in Doctor Strangelove they must be laughing . There really is no other explanation to the Judgements announced this week

Take your pick but either the paper shredder at Hampden is going to be busy or the files at Hampden contain a time bomb.

Waiting to explode!