Seen To Be Done

2 Aug

Well the first  judgements are in and they show that they are special cases in Scottish football.  The SFA/SPFL formerly SPL has spoken. Same charge same verdict same punishment? Well no.

With the verdicts and punishments dished out to Hearts and Dunfermline juxtaposed beside the punishments Rangers received not 12 months ago one thing had become clear.  Consistency and precedent are not applied in Scottish Football. Once again decisions made in the name of authorities can be brought into question. Certainly from the outside looking in its easy to see what the SFA/SPFA see as who is the favoured Ones and who is the club looked on as the evil ones.

saints and sinners

For me a fine and similar punitive signing restrictions was the least Heart’s could have expected and Dunfermline should have received a lesser fine and similar signing restrictions. Now Hearts and Dunfermline look likely to have points deductions in the coming league year but given the favourable treatment both these clubs seem to be receiving any points penalty should be nullified quickly with their new 6 points for a win 3 points for a draw and 1 point for a loss. Put simply looking at the situation it would not surprise you if this was applied.

I will concede that the allegedly independent tribunal may have reached its verdicts without outside interference. The publicity caravan that followed Rangers last year simply didn’t follow Hearts or Dunfermline.  The masses of loud shouting bigots (we can now assume they are bigots due to them only targeting Rangers) never showed up. So it’s entirely possible the latest three-man panel did not get their views coloured by negative press. Certainly there was no in-depth investigation into either Hearts or Dunfermline. No spin on at best flimsy and at worse outright lies was broadcast or awarded a “Sony” media award.  Their was no disbanded “tax case” web site. So the answer to why seems simple. The Panels sat at different times with different media landscapes that applied different pressures on the panels or there is a badly contrived cover up occurring.  It is all too easy to assume some sort of moving of goal posts or worse is happening within Scottish Football.  If Neil Doncaster is wanting Clarity and Stability in order to attract Blue Chip Sponsors then seriously whoever is acting as Puppet master in all this is spectacularly blowing any chance Neil had out the water and beyond Doncaster’s short grasp.

Rangers are right to ask for an explanation. Will they get one? With Regan and Doncaster at the helm answers are not the usual form.  In fact usually you have to make many public statements accuse everyone and their dog of bias and cause a section of the SFA to strike before the SFA move on a subject.

You cannot say Hearts didn’t win anything during Romanov’s debt ride they won Scottish Cups so it’s not as if they didn’t affect the history of the game, so in truth why shouldn’t Hearts be dealing with the same punishments as Rangers. Dunfermline gained Promotion so they had their own success too so a fine and signing bans should continue.  Am I wrong in thinking that some high profile Puppeteers are leaving their finger prints all over the scene. Well I can now publish photos of both panels taken as the emerged from their deliberations.





Justice is strange not only should it be done but it should be seen to be done. Regan and Doncaster sit astride a missile of incompetence. Like Peter Sellars in Doctor Strangelove they must be laughing . There really is no other explanation to the Judgements announced this week

Take your pick but either the paper shredder at Hampden is going to be busy or the files at Hampden contain a time bomb.

Waiting to explode!

2 Responses to “Seen To Be Done”

  1. Jamie Boal August 3, 2013 at 6:08 am #

    It is good that RANGERS are seeking ‘clarification’ on this judgement. Once the ‘clarification’ arrives (if it ever does arrive) time for the Sport of Arbitration to get involved. It is nothing short of scandalous that one club has been treated differently from others!!!! The company that runs Hearts will be liquidated as we all know so why are they not starting this season in the bottom tier of Scottish Football ? Every one knows what is in the pipeline and when Hearts are NOT punished (which they wont be) with the same outcome as RANGERS then it is time for RANGERS to take legal action on the governing bodies to retrieve lost revenue through lower gate money , tv money, prize money , Steven Davis transfer money and damages to the clubs prestige and standing.
    Contrast the treatment that SCOTLANDS MOST SUCCESSFUL CLUB has received from the corrupt Scottish governing bodies with that of the English League towards Coventry City. The football authorities have bent over backwards to SUPPORT one of their MEMBER clubs !
    Scottish Football authorities bigoted and corrupt to the core.
    the people make Glasgow……..We Are The People.


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