Thems The Rules

3 Aug

Oh dear.

You see if you change the rules enforce new rules to the fullness available to you and make your motive for this rather clear. Then you had better make sure you continue to follow to the letter. Because moving the goal posts about is fine and dandy if not clear and stable. It’s also helpful to remember that your barely hidden target is watching taking notes.

It is illegal within the rules of association to take your national association or league body to court. It’s a rule designed to make the authorities final arbiter beyond contempt. Shame Neil Doncaster and Stewart Regan are now in the dock with contempt the least of the charges.

Rangers began in January looking to use a loophole in the rules regards Trialists. Murray Park planned out how to use this loophole to the maximum and things looked reasonable. Cometh the hour cometh the puppets. Enraged that anyone in G51 would spot a loophole yet alone use it. Scottish Footballs own Nookie Bear and Orville the Duck slam shut the loophole and celebrate their pyrich victory. And it is a pariah victory because by showing willingness to make up rules bend rules change the landscape what have Orville and Nookie achieved.

No business is willing to engage them in any form of contract, why?

If you are willing to move the goal posts about with your member clubs then you are likely to do Yeh same with business partners and they can at least sue. Even if they don’t want too.

In addition to the lack of income (begging the question what is paying Orville and Nookie’s wages) the legality of every word of the SFA SPFL is now tagged with “subject to scrutiny”. The obvious confidence of the two puppets to do as they please will only lead to complacency. A dangerous mix with these two.

The real danger is though if as the pattern seems to show the more you move the goal posts and make up rules to suit a agenda you have is that eventually you paint yourself into a corner and then is when the trouble really begins.

Already Rangers have asked for clarity on rules and decisions. This is just the beginning. In time the Muppets will fond themselves in a position that quiet simply brings down the house of cards.

With teams struggling to make ends meet would it not be better if Doncaster and Regan secured new funds rather than try to settle old scores.

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