Ian Black The Heart of The Matter

20 Aug

Ian Black cited for breach of betting rules. Well if the evidence stacks up then get any accused into the tribunals and the truth will out. Keep to the principal held dear in all good democracies – INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY. I do hope we won’t get the usual Scottish fare of let’s just call them the usual suspects procrastinating about Ian Black being guilty before he has been given a opportunity to prove otherwise. If this happens and we all expect it too in some form or another then I am afraid that the lessons that should of been learned by media outlets from the “Top Tier Tax Tribunals” original decision have not been realised.

Quick Question. Who is is line for Scottish Bafta for making up untruths this time?

Like me though do you wonder who discovers any possible breaches.  I mean is this the bookmaker upset that Ian Black possibly won money?  A fellow gambler upset that he was not included in the syndicate.  To be honest I have no clue who but what does it take to be the catalyst for investigation.

Notice I say investigation not citing or punishment but inveatigation. What does it take to be looked at by the authorities. Is there a Crimewatch style hotline to the SFA special branch. If so it must be a secret (hardly a good template for a hotline) because no one seems to know how you inform on a Club, Player, Official, questionable match or dodgy character.

So we are left with the only route to justice being exposed by the press.  A press who appear to be suffering from their own hypocrasy issues regards their mandate of purity and truth.  The print media suffering from Levingson/hacking scandals and the broadcast media suffering shock from becoming a camouflage for a number of abusing employees.  They are hardly in a position to become the moral judges. 

In truth a story to the press is not based on how the truth will out but how much it will increase their circulation or kudos. 

The SFA react, they appear not to be proactive.  As long as no one says different Hampden thinks nothing is wrong.  It’s a definition of bunker syndrome. Nothing said and nothing done till the postman delivers bad news. Then they engage the systems and hope the defendant does not employ a hot shot lawyer to help in his defence.

Ian Black may be innocent he may be guilty time will tell but waiting to be informed makes the sfa a sitting duck for informants with,agendas rather than actively attempting to root put any law breaking itself.

For example no one in the SPFL SFA Hampden Hide away appear to be even vaguely suspicious of one of the last round of games of the SPL season 2012/13.

One team had a reasonable motive not to try to win and accrue three points.  Points that would directly hurt this club in season 2013/14.  A club already possibly guilty of bending the rules in the days previous to this match. Not sure about teams selling the jerseys more about no one raising the issue.

Maybe its just me but the last week of last season requires careful investigation if only to remove suspicion.

Will anyone at Hampden do this I doubt it, the information is hidden in plain sight not delivered in a brown envelope signed with love “Deep Throat”

One Response to “Ian Black The Heart of The Matter”

  1. Jamie Boal August 21, 2013 at 11:02 am #

    Think we all know this pretty much stinks again. Why has this been “flagged” now when most of these alleged bets occurred when Black was at Inverness and then Hearts. Black has been found guilty already without a proper investigation why is this ? Why has no other current player been “flagged” about this ? Is Black the only scoundrel in Scottish Football ? Give us all a break its just another cheap shot at RANGERS through Black playing for them!!! Don’t get me wrong Black is a fool as any other player is who bets and knows the rules but surely his privacy has been broken by naming him before any verdict is given and once again I ask why has it taken up to now for this to raise its ugly head? What happens if one of Blacks immediate family says that they accessed his account and placed the bets? This stinks of the corrupt csfa once again.

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