Like Flies?

21 Aug

Have you noticed?

Unless you look carefully I bet you haven’t.

If you allow the media agenda, usually set by editors not individual journalists, to direct your thoughts then you miss a lot.  As I write this there is two stories emerging from Ibrox and a defeated Celtic in Europe.

Yes big stories Charles Green, Ian Black and Scotland’s sole representatives in Europe being beaten by an unheard club way down the rankings. All worthy of reflection and discussion.

The generally lazy direction of Scottish Sports Journalists obediently following instructions churning out the same old same old.

It surely is a profession where bucking the trend is not an option.  Standing out from the crowd, such an easy thing to achieve in the chinless wonders of the Scottish Football Press pack is banned by some kind of NUJ rule.

Like flies round proverbial the press boys travel in packs they should share a taxi in fact such is their conjoined nature why have by lines just send the one journalist and print a single story.   Spoon feed a Football nation mass-produced mush dressed up as facts complete with artificial additives.  That is the fare presented to football fans.

Take today the (w)hoards will gathered round Ibrox looking for board room insights.  The rest will swarm round Neil Lennon looking for his latest golden nugget that will propel Celtic into the Champions league.

The regional media will gather round their local team trying to get a few more bums on seats as they assume that local sports teams and the customers of both their media and club are tied in a cabal of convenience that to be negative is seen as treason. Local press for local folk. A local media scape that has to be as positive as it can be regards its local team or else!

While the locals exhort Local Football Club and the Nationals are distracted by the shiny often whiney objects in their sights, there appears to be no one looking at the stories just out of the cross hairs.

The thorny chestnut of what Neil Doncaster is doing?
In now five weeks all Mr Doncaster seems to of done is get his Crayons out and copy the English Premiership Branding adding a Lion. All the time bemoaning that the landscape of Scottish football is neither Stable or Secure for big business to invest in or sponsor.


Then we have the events at Hearts.
Still reeling from administration fans are attempting to rip off a Nation (Lithuania) by buying what remains of their club on the cheap. The Preferred bidders for Hearts sounds good but the big stumbling block is the Lithuanian administrators of UBig. Failure to pay the massive debt means the Lithuanian Tax Payer gets stuck with the bill. Currently it is believed that the Prefered bid is around the £5 million mark. With fans effectively looking to be in full control of shares in 5 years. Great plan to be commended and a Fans trust will be welcomed. It’s a shame though that the bid is around 20% of the debt and in breakdown means most debtors will get less than 4p in the pound. Also £5 million barely covers the price of the land Tynecastle sits on. Taken as a whole the land assets are worth more than the offer and Lithuanian Administrators will want a land asset in Edinburgh to achieve its full market value. That is before the value of the buildings on the land or the value of the club brand. You could double the prefered bid before you will get close to what is close to  acceptable.  is not grade one listed it is not protected, a supermarket could still stand where maroon heroes once played.

No one seems to be interested in what David Southern said to the SPL tribunal regards Heart of Midlothian being financially independent of UBig when Vladimir Romanov’s empire when onto administration.

Hind sight tells you that whatever Mr Southern and by default Hearts said it was wrong and possibly untrue.

David Southern and Members of the old Hearts Board should be joining Craig Whyte on the list blackballed from Scottish Football.
No one seems interested in the fact these at best dodgy statements from Hearts relegated Dundee FC or even that there is a case regards St Mirren receiving less prize money.

Even this years point deduction (last year’s league total divide by three) can be questioned because given what we now know did Hearts really want to win all their games post split last year certainly the last away game in Aberdeen is suspicious regards the trouble Gorgie club. Winning would be gaining three points useless last seasons final league table but meaning additional points deductions in this season’s league from the start.

This is not a witch hunt against Hearts I wish them well hope they survive but the path to security is twisted. Also the hangover from the last days of the Romanov empire will not neatly be swept to one side.

So next time you read Ian Black, Rangers and Celtic European dismay think what else is a story that no one wants you to read.

3 Responses to “Like Flies?”

  1. Jamie Boal August 21, 2013 at 2:05 pm #

    It is unbelievable that Hearts were not sent down to the bottom tier of Scottish Football! Everyone knew they could not pay their players on time, they owed hmrc millions are in administration but are still allowed to compete in the ‘top ‘ tier. What an absolute joke ‘Sporting Integrity’ is ! I wish Hearts no ill and if RANGERS did not win the league or cups I wanted Hearts to do so. But some of their fans forgot their roots and put the boot in and so now what was good for RANGERS should be good for Hearts.
    Dhumbcaster and the corrupt governing body at the cspfl cant attract a major sponsor because Scotland’s biggest and best supported club has been treated disgracefully by the so called governing bodies without RANGERS the so called top tier is nothing.
    Sell Out Saturday anyone …..please anyone.
    No stands closed during this post plenty will be closed in the corrupt spfl
    people make Glasgow……We Are The People.

    • ronnydavies1972 August 21, 2013 at 2:41 pm #

      It is unbelievable that no one from Dundee has went nuts reporting that Hearts were economical with the truth in last days of last season.

      It appears the only stronger punishment Hearts have received is 5 points. In about a year the figures will show that a Glasgow holding company was liquidated with less debt than a Edinburgh one. The big complication with Hearts is the Lithuanians its them that will have final say.

      • Jamie Boal August 22, 2013 at 3:02 am #

        But RANGERS were demoted to the bottom tier when the holding company was still in administration. I just don’t get it everyone new Hearts could not pay their bills or wages yet are still allowed to carry on despite bringing the game into disrepute.
        Agree the Lithuanians might kick the ba over the wa and sell Tynecastle to get maximum credit.
        Agree also Dundee should have made more of this fiasco. Sporting Integrity only applied to one club it seems.
        Until there is a clear out of the sfa and spfl the game will be tainted and will not move forward.

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