Casting Stones

13 Sep

Ian Black stands in front of a tribunal the weight of the evidence or and having the regulations explained to him mean he had no other choice but to plead guilty.  The punishment is handed down Black takes the punishment and censure on the chin. Matter closed? Not in Scotland.

If Ian Black had walked out of Hampden’s glass doors to face the media he would of been confronted by stone clutching masses.  All taking aim at the Rangers midfielder.  Ian had afterall admitted his errors, taken his punishment like a man.  He may even as we speak be talking to counselors at Gamblers Anonymous. He may be quietly dealing with a problem he has developed.  Is this even included in the questions regarding Black’s Gambling?

So in the absence of compassion, empathy or hunger for facts. Let’s examine the people and organisations who are so quick to and perfectly qualified to judge and insist Ian Black is ran out of Ibrox. 

We have one organisation who broadcast nightly week days giving a platform for pundits to insist Ian Black is sacked.  Interesting at a time when Bill Walker (ex MSP) is deposed for Domestic Abuse Crimes, this nation wide broadcaster retains the services of someone guilty of similar crimes not as a self employed presenter no as staff.  So if Black should be sacked maybe this broadcaster should contact their own Human Resource department rather than urging others to do so. Possibly even consider that if gambling is so bad why do they take thousands of pounds from bookmakers.  Smacks of triple standards to me.

Next we have another organisation that seems to of been used as a hide for some of the nation’s biggest sex criminals in the last fifty years.    Despite many staff members having concerns these criminals hide in plain sight maybe their Human Resources department need to look at their own procedures. 

Then we have a print press pack tarnished by hacking spying and invading peoples private telephone calls, email accounts and other personal information.  Such was the extent of this in the media culture it was not a question of how many should of lost their jobs but actually easier to find those untarnished by the evils of hacking.
Wheeled out other team managers who advocate Rangers sacking players etc.  Sorry but this,is the same club that allowed police investigations to stand alone rather than take objective action when scandal and shame visited their club.  A incredibly lazy Human Resource Department unless it was instructed to ignore from above.

Then Ian Black’s Union join in following their failure in educating their members.  They come out with damming comments.  So much for a Union supporting its members failed once Ian Black is then damned by his union.  He must be considering the odds of him refusing to pay the union fees.

As for the authorities if gambling on football is such a evil then I would guess the Scottish cup will be looking for a new sponsor.  

Let Ian Black serve his ban and let them without sin cast the first stone. 


One Response to “Casting Stones”

  1. Jamie Boal September 15, 2013 at 9:02 am #

    What about Black’s privacy law surely the bookie broke the rule there ? Why was Black ‘flagged’ now and not when he was at ICT or Hearts . Not sticking up for him as he was extremely foolish but is he the only foolish gambling player in Scottish football ? No I don’t think so. Can we expect ‘Sporting Integrity’ to pursue other players at other clubs and name and shame them before they get a hearing at Hampden ? wont hold my breath on that one.
    Why is there no investigation and condemnation of Neil Lennon playing a player who openly attends fundraising functions for a terrorist organisation ? now there is a real crime there !!

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