Sorry Seems to Be The Hardest Word

1 Aug

Sorry is indeed the hardest word and in this litigeous world sorry seems to be a legal admission of liability.

This simple modern truth could well be the reason for the lack of appologies sent to Rangers Football Club.   The posse that found Rangers Guilty in their Kangaroo Courts in 2012 have been remarkably silent in the weeks since the UTTT found no real wrongdoing in Rangers FC use of Employment Benefit trusts. 

The real reasons for lack of words from Scottish Football are simple.  Rangers 1898 Ltd the former owners of Rangers Football Club are now debt free thanks to Ticketus, the RFFF and the soon to be defrosted accounts.  The money in the currently frozen accounts will pay the PAYE bill left by discredited Craig Whyte.  In fact I was recently told that Rangers 1898 Ltd will be one of the few companies that could emerge from liquidation proceedings and will simply be wound up similar to Celtic oldco (kelly’s and Whytes), Aberdeen oldco ( Donald Family), Dundee United oldco (Jim Mclean), Hibernian oldco (Tom Farmer) and St Mirren Oldco (Paton family).

You see the treatment of Rangers has raised so many questions that it would take a thousand articles to cover.  Saldly what’s done can not be undone but for the shareholders of Rangers 1898 Ltd compensation is surely justified. 

I still expect a raft of court cases.  From fraud to defamation via malicious prosecution. Remember Rabgers 1898 shareholders own no football asset, they sold it to the current owners of Rangers. So without breaking the rules of association this group of victims of fraud and defamation have free reign to sue SFA, SPL(including the ten club members individually), supporters groups (including individual spokespersons), media groups (including individual ‘Journalists’), web sites (including social media) and of course any individual who at anytine has published a lie that has hurt the finiancial wellbeing of the Club (Including Phil Threenames, Angela Haggerty, Greame Speirs). The fact that some of the above names continue to speak in terms of hate and ignorance even AFTER the latest judgements means that by association Rangers Football Club current owners have a real watching brief and can argue that current statements filled with hate and lies directly hurts Rangers International and Rangers Football Club in the here and now. Members of the current Rangers Board have been quick to engage lawyers to seek recompense from fans groups spokesmen, so it would be interesting to see if the same happens to others from outwith the blue umbrella.

Craig Whyte will be chased to the gates of hell by many including Ticketus.  How this shyster was allowed onto the same building as stakeholders of any company is a crime. I have heard many reasons “Rangers were owned by a Crook (Murray) and sold to a Crook (Whyte)” seems to fit the common misguided view. Well that is only half true there is no doubt now that Rangers were sold to a crook. The landscape for this was in no small point due to HMRC demanding monies that now not one but TWO Independant tribunals have thrown out the inflated demands of the HMRC. As a small aside David Cameron and Gideon Osborn have recently forced through a change in the law. Now if HMRC demand money and you think it’s wrong the rules are now Pay up then appeal. How different things could of been had this rule been inforce. How the enforced sale to Mr Whyte occured is another thing.  Sir David Murray received one pound sterling so in spite of everything you could hardly say that the Metal Merchant made a killing.  So who did benefit? The Bank Loydds/TSB/HBOS walked away with £38 million for a loan paid in full via Craig Whyte and his mortgaging of season ticket sales to Ticketus.  So just how much pressure was placed on Sir David Murray by the Bank’s representative on what turned out to be the penultimate Rangers 1898 Ltd board. The same banking group had a reasonable working relationship with the SFA and now defunct SPL, was any pressure placed on these organisations to ignore any concerns regarding Craig Whyte being a fit and proper person to have his hand in the tiller of a Sporting Institution like Rangers Football Club. It seems either this or the SPL SFA failed in their duty of care to protect all of our Scottish Clubs from falling onto the hands of Drug Dealers Fraudsters Con men or general Shysters. So for sure without doubt the SFA SPL FAILED in any test. Do I hear sorry from Regan, Doncaster and co? No!

Lets now look at the “Screaming Masses”

Stephen Thompson, Stewart Milne, Rod Petrie, David Southern, Peter Lawell, Neil Lennon, Stewart Gilmour and other Board memebers of clubs MUST now be revisiting their published comments and hoping that no one reads them out in court.

Sorry is hard to say but lessons learned mean that actions speak louder than words. First chink in the sorry we did that but we learned is the postponment of St Mirren v Aberdeen because Aberdeen have a couple of qualifying rounds in Europa League. How Rangers would of appriciated such common sense in Manchester UEFA Cup FINAL! Not a sorry but the different action means admission of wrong by default.

You see that’s the point we all know we won’t get a Sorry from any of the shouting clans but we all know that they won’t repeat their “hardline” again. That’s as good as a sorry as we will get. What we will get though is enforced comments as Judges order smart mouths to pay up and say sorry.

5 Responses to “Sorry Seems to Be The Hardest Word”

  1. ronnydavies1972 August 3, 2014 at 10:40 pm #

    No liquidation has taken place. The Paye and Vat is covered in the accounts frozen by HMRC. The use of EBTs has been proved legal on the whole by not one but two tribunals.

  2. ronnydavies1972 August 3, 2014 at 10:40 pm #

    Tick tock

  3. Ked Nelly August 4, 2014 at 12:27 pm #

    I’m a fan of another Scottish club but I come in peace and only want to offer my view, I think it may be helpful to take a step back and see how other, neutral parties see the whole thing.
    Apologies in advance if any of this is uncomfortable reading, I want to be honest and open.

    Rangers were put into administration for not keeping current VAT and PAYE up to date, specifically in the period after Craig Whyte took over. The oldco’s CVA was rejected by HMRC for the same reason. No matter what arguments you have about how HMRC acted in the lead up to this, their vote is entirely consistent with their policy.

    Personally, I don’t buy into this Not Rangers Anymore nonsense, you play in blue at Ibrox, have RFC on your chests and people who identify as Rangers fans buy season tickets. Rangers isn’t a company, it’s tens of thousands of fans and whoever they decide is Rangers, well they’re right. Newco, Oldco, means nothing to me, and in fact I’m getting pretty sick of hearing the same old celtic shite about it.

    Anyway, back to business…
    Murray himself thought the EBTs were dodgy in the end and, in making an offer to pay tax on them, admitted liability – no matter how the court cases have gone since, this is an inescapable fact that is over brushed over.

    This situation wasn’t a stick made by your enemies to punish Rangers, this whole mess was of Murray’s (and latterly Whyte’s (and Green’s) doing.

    Sure the authorities made an arse of aspects of it but there are some facts that are key to the outside eye;
    there was a massive delay in the EBT investigation because of Rangers’ refusal to co-operate from 2004 onwards, even though legally obliged to.

    documents related to EBTs were being shredded in the time leading up to the police raid on Ibrox

    In short, the club knew that EBTs were at best dodgy and, by the end, probably taxable/illegal.

    The fear from Ibrox and Charlotte Square was real, it wasn’t created by outside forces.

    Now I’m not blaming Rangers fans, all you’ve ever done is support your team and no-one can blame you for that. In fact, it’s obvious you’ve had a really rough few years, it’s awful when your club goes through hard times.

    But surely you can see that it’s in the current board of spivs’ interests to keep Rangers fans divided and their focus elsewhere so they can get on with fleecing the club?

    Yes, fans of other clubs are largely enjoying seeing the big boy knocked off his perch, but that’s normal.

    The authorities are easy to blame but they never created this situation and I’m sure would be delighted if they could go back in time and avoid it. They made an arse of it but that’s not really the point.

    David Murray is the man who turned a club with 50,000 fans showing up every fortnight into a financial mess who weren’t able to make signings for god knows how long before Whyte took over.

    He is the man who allowed the bank to gain so much leverage on Rangers’ affairs by being foolish with the finances – the bank were just being bankers, it’s what they do.

    Murray is the man who is responsible for Rangers being weak and selling to a lying tosser.
    And funnily enough, just like when he was in charge of Rangers, you don’t hear much against him from the media do you? Weird that.

    So Murray is to blame, but for now, does anyone actually know who owns your club? Who the actual people are that decide how shareholding companies vote?

    Anyway, I don’t claim to have all of the answers but this is how I see things.

    And good luck, I wish you well as for all of Scottish football.

    • ronnydavies1972 August 4, 2014 at 12:59 pm #

      Ned you are kind of in same area as myself. Firstly Rangers (murray) attempted to pay off excess to HMRC like other clubs had (Arsenal). The actions of Whyte are questionable but bear in mind the final settlement of the EBT case after two tribunal decisions. The use of EBTs has been deemed legal. HMRC froze accounts worth in region of 6 million pounds. At the time of Whyte non payment of PAYE VAT these frozen accounts had gathered enough interest to pay off the monies owed. Given that by time of Administration there was already a consencious building that the EBT judgements were not going to be favourable to HMRC then the continued Hardline is up for debate. Also as I said at time of publication no “Liquidation Order” or similar has been processed by the Court of Session or any other aurhority. This means that as I said Rangers 1898 has still to be wound up. Therefore reason dictates that currently no liquidation has taken place only a mismanaged company has been strangled by overinflated vastly exaggerated claims by HMRC. The actions of HMRC (freezing accounts) starves the club of cash flow panicking creditors (banks). The debts of Rangers were steadily reducing from the heady days of Dick Advocaat and allowing for continued progress would now be as little as 5 million pounds. HMRC also created a aura round Rangers that prevented free trade and investment. I take on board that the actions of MIH and Jersey based Finaincial advisors regards non cooperation was not helpful. The HMRC have a duty to investigate and persue. The questions for HMRC include How much has this cost the tax payer? What checks and balances were followed? Given so many prejudical leaks occured during this case how was so much material made public?

      Also as I said I certainly feel that the former shareholders of Rangers will indeed persue certain parties for defamation. “Finiancial doping” type comments had a direct and negative effect on Rangers ability to trade. The HMRC wild goose chance persuit has, given TTTT AND UTTT judgements made a mockery of the process as well as effectively killing off a reasonably solvent company.

    • ronnydavies1972 August 4, 2014 at 1:20 pm #

      I think your in right sort of place Ned. The bank leverage was simply put due to the period of Dick Advocaat and HMRC. One created the debt, the other panicked the bank into thinking they would never get money. David Murray placed John McClelland at the helm with remit to reduce costs and debts. On both counts Mr McClelland was successful. So successful that he is forgotten in the History personally and his repayment plan would of had it been allowed to continue reduced debts to near nil by today.

      Just remember no liquidation has been finalised and it is as I said very likely that it won’t be. I fully expect a simple winding up will take place.

      As I said and hope it is clear the words and actions of us all are there for us to possibly have to defend in court. I am sure some with some sober reflection may regret words and actions. They may find themselves in court regretting them. From SFA down to fans groups a raft of possible cases await.

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