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This is my Page.

I usually write about football sport in general and my love of music. I will also give views on Radio as it is a passion and a Job for me.

I do some work for a Scottish Football Club but by no means are the views and ideas expressed those held by the club I am connected to.


I love Scottish Football and in truth I guess like I say about referees before games I wish to possess good eyesight and better judgement.  If you agree or disagree then leave comments.  Debate is important and as long as we all stay away from the mindless and keep it intelligent then everyone is welcome to leave comments.


I love all music with an enormous exception of JAZZ.  Jazz music is equivalent to a DJ only playing songs they like.  Never heard any Jazz that didn’t leave me with the impression that the only people it spoke to where the musicians playing it and a dwindling collection of their friends.  Disagree then don’t leave comments just talk about it during intervals in your friends set list.  Music should speak to us all.


Good Radio speaks to us all. It’s the only media that requires a single investment, just listen. Radio is the media that allows us to do other things while we engage and all it has to be is interesting.  Radio stations have to sell the audience content then sell its audience to business or other organisations.  When everyone gets this there is no stopping Radio when someone misses the mark radio suffers.  My views on this on no way are reflective on any Radio station or organisation I have worked with or will work with.

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