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Getting Away With It? Part 1

27 Nov

In general you could say that everywhere you look in Scottish football you see people getting away with it.  The horrible scenes of fan violence in the centre of a European City with so called Scottish Fans fighting with Police is a return to a time we had all thought we had left in the distant past.  To compound this the club these animals claim to support is actually defending and excusing the horrors of Dam Square. This condoning instantly ties the Club in its entirety and its trading potential into a muddy world shown in films starring Danny Dyer.  Do you think Magners are happy to see Dutch Police aiming batons at their logo.  Drink Magners Cider and get into fights in the street is not the

“drink responsibly” image Magners want.  This is before you even get the often confused and what most see as corruptible proclamations that will emerge in time from Uefa in the coming weeks.  I do think Ally McCoist said the best words to describe the events in Amsterdam.  Without blame the Rangers Manager basically said you cannot expect to turn up in a foreign country and not see different nuances in Policing and crowd control.

In regards the match in the Amsterdam Arena well to sum it up Celtic were a disgrace to their traditions.  It seemed a squad of players turned up in Holland and expected to win.  It was like Ajax had no right to be on the pitch with them.  Everywhere you looked on the pitch a highly paid man was wearing green and white hoops not earning his inflated wages.  It was a reflection of the superiority complex that Celtic have shown for many years domestically.  It has always been bubbling under the surface but in recent seasons it has became the clubs dominant domestic image.  Even Lowly Morton exposed it in the league cup.  Celtic have many good players not world beating superstars but good players.  They have the biggest squad and this squad is the best in Scotland, in terms of depth, quality and numbers. The feeling from Celtic at the moment is that they should turn up win and leave.  Given the comments of Neil Lennon regards travelling to Dingwall I am beginning to think that elements of the Celtic Staff think that teams should simply post the three points for a league win to Janefield Street.  The perception that anyone be it opposing player, other club or worse any official of the SFA or SPFL who by simply doing their job causes Celtic not to have a league record of Played 38 Won 38 had the overriding public image of Celtic Football Club.  I say that until the you tube images of Celtic Fans rioting in Amsterdam.  For too long people have been getting away with casting shadows over the game with words like “Conspiracy” “Clarity” “baffling” when in reality they are accusing everyone and his dog as being discriminatory with no evidence to back up their claims.  Getting away with the idea that if you say something enough times it becomes true not is true just becomes true.

The follow up of Fans Groups and club to Blame the Police has taken on a familiar note I for one am beginning to expect a statement expressing Celtic football Clubs concern of The Netherlands not respecting the traditions of Celtic and the Dutch having a long history of oppressing Celtic and discriminating against Persons of Celtic mindedness.

For a club embroiled in a quest to win a one team league and after losing to AC Milan at home now only represented in Europe by persons currently on Dutch Bail it is quite a come down.  As UEFA now turn their eyes across the City of Glasgow with a view of sanitising the environs of Celtic Park, there has to be a element of growing concern within a smug Board Room.  I mean lets look at the banners being investigated by UEFA.  A questionable group of supporters smuggled in eight or nine large pieces of fabric with various designs and slogans written in a font that is fast becoming a font of shame for Celtic.  I can’t think what the stewards where doing while the items entered the stadium.  Unless there is printing facilities on the concourse at Celtic Park where massive flags are printed while you wait then surely someone has failed to protect the club.  It is not as if the same section of Celtic Park crowd has not attracted attention previously.  Lets look at the horizon for 2014 for the Hoops.

It appears that the worm is slowly turning,  the smug complacently that many not just Rangers fans has noticed emerging from Celtic is now coming to haunt Celtic.  The long running defence of Sectarian bigotry has to be running thin.  The uttering’s of club officials has long become laughable.  When UEFA, Co-Op Bank and others come calling will Celtic use their trump card and watch it fail like the team against AC Milan.  I believe that this often used defence is now so close to failing that within the Scottish Media there is a swell building behind the Dam waiting for the inevitable burst.  Such is the fear culture imposed on media by Celtic Connections that once the burst happens then the whirlpool that will engulf Celtic Football Club will leave many at the club not just by the way side but ejected from public life forever.  It is not without coincidence that many of the Clubs most recent defenders and apparent deputy Mudslingers are now dead.  As this house of cards built on lies and deflection begins to wobble its only natural that the fear factor ruling certain newsrooms in Scotland will cease and the oppressed begin to return fire.

The Public image and more importantly the business image of a club is in the dock