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Casting Stones

13 Sep

Ian Black stands in front of a tribunal the weight of the evidence or and having the regulations explained to him mean he had no other choice but to plead guilty.  The punishment is handed down Black takes the punishment and censure on the chin. Matter closed? Not in Scotland.

If Ian Black had walked out of Hampden’s glass doors to face the media he would of been confronted by stone clutching masses.  All taking aim at the Rangers midfielder.  Ian had afterall admitted his errors, taken his punishment like a man.  He may even as we speak be talking to counselors at Gamblers Anonymous. He may be quietly dealing with a problem he has developed.  Is this even included in the questions regarding Black’s Gambling?

So in the absence of compassion, empathy or hunger for facts. Let’s examine the people and organisations who are so quick to and perfectly qualified to judge and insist Ian Black is ran out of Ibrox. 

We have one organisation who broadcast nightly week days giving a platform for pundits to insist Ian Black is sacked.  Interesting at a time when Bill Walker (ex MSP) is deposed for Domestic Abuse Crimes, this nation wide broadcaster retains the services of someone guilty of similar crimes not as a self employed presenter no as staff.  So if Black should be sacked maybe this broadcaster should contact their own Human Resource department rather than urging others to do so. Possibly even consider that if gambling is so bad why do they take thousands of pounds from bookmakers.  Smacks of triple standards to me.

Next we have another organisation that seems to of been used as a hide for some of the nation’s biggest sex criminals in the last fifty years.    Despite many staff members having concerns these criminals hide in plain sight maybe their Human Resources department need to look at their own procedures. 

Then we have a print press pack tarnished by hacking spying and invading peoples private telephone calls, email accounts and other personal information.  Such was the extent of this in the media culture it was not a question of how many should of lost their jobs but actually easier to find those untarnished by the evils of hacking.
Wheeled out other team managers who advocate Rangers sacking players etc.  Sorry but this,is the same club that allowed police investigations to stand alone rather than take objective action when scandal and shame visited their club.  A incredibly lazy Human Resource Department unless it was instructed to ignore from above.

Then Ian Black’s Union join in following their failure in educating their members.  They come out with damming comments.  So much for a Union supporting its members failed once Ian Black is then damned by his union.  He must be considering the odds of him refusing to pay the union fees.

As for the authorities if gambling on football is such a evil then I would guess the Scottish cup will be looking for a new sponsor.  

Let Ian Black serve his ban and let them without sin cast the first stone. 

Double Standards

23 Aug

Ian Black to answer charges he placed a few bets.  It’s hardly Juventus march fixing but all over the media and internet. A crack squad of persecutors or prosecutors await Ian and no doubt lawyers stand guard on large retainers to ensure legality.

“Gambling as we all know is wrong horrible and should be discoutaged at all costs” I do hope one of the hapless SFA jocks say that.

  Then we can look forward to the William Hill Scottish Cup. Because simply put that could be the message that comes from this.

Not clarity of motive of participants but more “brand loyalry”.

Another case of Scottish Football goes nuts. Getting the CSI crew out to investigate a player in the bottom tier while the big boys run amoke. Maybe Ian Black’s crime was Bet Victor or popping into Ladbrokes.

I am sure though that he hasn’t had as in-depth conversation with Ladbrokes as The Sfa have had with William Hill.
Gambling is bad unless they pay you. Drinking is bad unless they sponsor you. Our brands good your brands bad. Honestly I overheard a conversation of two football fans arguing over what cider was superior. The truth is they are both inferior mass produced full of additives and will never feature in my top 100 drinks.

Maybe just maybe this is the answer regards Ian Black it wasn’t that he may of gambled on football or not just he didn’t gamble with the new improved gambling partner brand.

Incidentally who made the authorities aware of Ian Black’s gambling and how can we be sure of what who why where when he gambled. I have never publicised my betting slips win lose or as Danny Baker laterally Shane Ritchie said Draw!

Sfa QC “so you bet on rangers losing a goal against Peterhead on this date?”

Ian Black “No”

QC “I have the slip here”

Black “wasn’t me”

There is when you get down to it no evidence. Unless it was William Hill and they are keeping tabs on players. Then again its hardly on their best interests to shop a player gambling, well by sounds of it giving q bookmaker a shed load of money.

Ian Black The Heart of The Matter

20 Aug

Ian Black cited for breach of betting rules. Well if the evidence stacks up then get any accused into the tribunals and the truth will out. Keep to the principal held dear in all good democracies – INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY. I do hope we won’t get the usual Scottish fare of let’s just call them the usual suspects procrastinating about Ian Black being guilty before he has been given a opportunity to prove otherwise. If this happens and we all expect it too in some form or another then I am afraid that the lessons that should of been learned by media outlets from the “Top Tier Tax Tribunals” original decision have not been realised.

Quick Question. Who is is line for Scottish Bafta for making up untruths this time?

Like me though do you wonder who discovers any possible breaches.  I mean is this the bookmaker upset that Ian Black possibly won money?  A fellow gambler upset that he was not included in the syndicate.  To be honest I have no clue who but what does it take to be the catalyst for investigation.

Notice I say investigation not citing or punishment but inveatigation. What does it take to be looked at by the authorities. Is there a Crimewatch style hotline to the SFA special branch. If so it must be a secret (hardly a good template for a hotline) because no one seems to know how you inform on a Club, Player, Official, questionable match or dodgy character.

So we are left with the only route to justice being exposed by the press.  A press who appear to be suffering from their own hypocrasy issues regards their mandate of purity and truth.  The print media suffering from Levingson/hacking scandals and the broadcast media suffering shock from becoming a camouflage for a number of abusing employees.  They are hardly in a position to become the moral judges. 

In truth a story to the press is not based on how the truth will out but how much it will increase their circulation or kudos. 

The SFA react, they appear not to be proactive.  As long as no one says different Hampden thinks nothing is wrong.  It’s a definition of bunker syndrome. Nothing said and nothing done till the postman delivers bad news. Then they engage the systems and hope the defendant does not employ a hot shot lawyer to help in his defence.

Ian Black may be innocent he may be guilty time will tell but waiting to be informed makes the sfa a sitting duck for informants with,agendas rather than actively attempting to root put any law breaking itself.

For example no one in the SPFL SFA Hampden Hide away appear to be even vaguely suspicious of one of the last round of games of the SPL season 2012/13.

One team had a reasonable motive not to try to win and accrue three points.  Points that would directly hurt this club in season 2013/14.  A club already possibly guilty of bending the rules in the days previous to this match. Not sure about teams selling the jerseys more about no one raising the issue.

Maybe its just me but the last week of last season requires careful investigation if only to remove suspicion.

Will anyone at Hampden do this I doubt it, the information is hidden in plain sight not delivered in a brown envelope signed with love “Deep Throat”