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Sergeant Geldof’s Unknown Acts Club Band

19 Nov

It was thirty years ago today.

There seems to be some debate on Band Aid in 2014 so ok I will jump in too. Firstly do not think I am anti charity or such like. I am not nor am I anti Band Aid. The following is ten reasons why I am not a Band Aid 30 fan;

1 Even I struggle to name some of the autotuned singers.

2 Change some of the lyrics all you like it’s effectively the same fucking song I bought in 84 with singers I knew, my parents knew and even my granny knew. Bob your the Sergeant of the Unknown Acts band.


Original Band Aid line up 1984-85

3 Sorry it’s now offensive.  Ebola or not the vastly Muslim population in the parts of Africa suffering from this outbreak does not give much of a fuck if it’s Christmas let alone if they all know when it is?

4 Sometime after 1984 who died and made Bob fucking Geldof king. He and his band have three songs only one every one knows! He is rather fucking rich himself via media companies. 

HEY GELDOF GIVE SOME OF YOUR OWN FUCKING MONEY YOU TIGHT PRICK AND FILL OUT A GIFT AID THING AND CUT OUT PRODUCTION COSTS. In fact if he appeared on tv with a GIFT link thing the population of the world would think this such a novel idea they would give very generously.


Jason Donovan, Luke and Matt Goss (Bros), Kylie Minogue BAND AID 2

5 If your looking to become Mother Teresa then GET SOME NEW FUCKING MATERIAL. You released the song in 84 then re-released it in 85. You gave Pete Waterman, Kylie and Bros a go in 88. Then went to network 7 for a big breakfast then you had another go with new artists in 2004. With Robbie Williams and even got a new rap section from Dizee Rascal and a epic guitar solo from that guy Justin we liked from The Darkness. So in 2014 we have had the cover of a cover of a re-released song we all already own, know. The only person who could carry this kind of repeat performance is Frank Sinatra. Bob, Band Aid ain’t no Blue Eyes. Bob Geldof and Midge Ure have effectively been hitting the public with the same six foot stick for the last thirty years albeit after a while they painted the stick. Whatever the pretty colour the same stick is still being used to skelp us with.


Band Aid 20 this time with a Rap and Rock Guitar Solo

6 Africa! It’s a money pit. People struggle around the world. It’s a bit geo specific and some could argue elitist to only concentrate on one continent. Spread the love Bob.

7 What made you pick out Adele for special attention because of why? She didn’t answer you call, Bob. She has a small child whom she has pretty much publicly said she is concentrating on exclusively. Bob I don’t know how you use call screening but I would bet most of the people you call screen the call see it’s you and don’t fucking answer! I notice you didn’t pick in Kate Bush who for similar reasons to Adele screened you at least four times now! You didn’t call out any one else who did not make your remake.

8 What makes you think your charity is better. You kicking the teeth of Gareth Malone and his Choir in aid of Children In Need. We like Children in Need it uses a different song every year it puts in the effort.

9 Joss Stone featuring Jeff Beck for Brittish Legion. Then Gareth Malone for Children in Need now your feeble rehash for Ebola. We are charitied up. Fed up with it it’s not novel. Remember that idea your stole from George Harrison about Bangladesh well we the buying public are well used to attempts to guilt us out of cash with not very good records.


Band Aid 30

10 Don’t and I mean this don’t have a fucking bastarding concert in aid of … We can do without 18 mins each of various auto tuned acts hoping to right off any expenses with the tax man and at same time promote their latest song while boosting their back catalogue!

So there you have it ten reasons why I don’t like Band Aid 30.

Oh and have a quick look at all the versions in one lazy mash up

Silence Is Golden

26 Jun


Have you noticed?
I will give you a clue have you heard it?
Has your media been filled with it?
The answer is of course a resounding NO!

What am I talking about? You ask and your right too. So let me explain.

Heart of Midlothian are in administration. With every second that passes they are heading for liquidation at the speed of light. With around twenty-seven million pounds of debt the Jambos are going down but I am concentrating on as Coldplay would say the speed of sound.

The last Top Division Club to enter Administration and seek a Company Volunteer Agreement was Rangers in February 2012. Then you heard, it we all did. The words coming from almost every other SPL club. “Financial doping” “cheats” “sporting integrity” “no help, no special treatment” Mark Daly investigating, Alex Thompson firing and as quickly withdrawing distasteful remarks. You couldn’t drive past Ibrox without seeing at least three media vans. The phones red hot in every media department of SFA, SPL and clubs. Everyman and his dog googling Employment Benefit Trusts, Company Volunteer Agreements. The SFA and SPL websites getting increased tragic traffic as the minutia of the rule books were read and re read. Phantom web sites being quoted and re quoted. Supporters groups leaders phone numbers suddenly appearing on media guys family and freinds phone bills. Wild bile filled statements emerging from people barely qualified as human beings yet alone representatives of the majority of football fans in any given area.

That’s what you haven’t heard. The cacophony the chattering classes. Leaks of confidential documents, as yet no one is quite sure how much trouble Hearts are in. The deafening silence from the authorities is noticeable. Unless Neil Doncaster and co are currently bouncing about in the mosh pits of The Boss, Robbie and Bon Jovi then to be quiet honest they couldn’t be less fit for purpose. At a time when leadership is required the beeks are on their holidays. Crisis the only crisis Messers Doncaster and Regan seem aware of this summer is the tour dates for newly reformed China Crisis!

As for Dundee United, Aberdeen, Hibs, Celtic, Motherwell and Inverness Caledonian Thistle have they lost their voices. Did last year’s shouting hurt their delegate vocal chords?
Where is sporting integrity now? How many clubs are engaging their fans in focus groups to decide the party line on Hearts.


That’s how much Hearts matter to the SPL.

It could be I am wrong though. I think its not quite as clear cut as that. I am minded more than ever that the SPL is too busy looking at its own individual accounts. I have a strange feeling that BDO are getting a lot of silent calls. If BDO dialed 1471 they could have a direct line to a lot of SPL chairman’s desks.

In 2013 the media don’t seem interested in inflating the figures of debt at Tynecastle finding often innocent men guilty.

Is this evidence of a agenda still in use from last year?

Or as Tesco and Asda hover over a piece of land off Gorgie Road, is the medias silence and inactivity a sign of regret as they slowly realise that the over reaction last year hurt them as much as anyone else.