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25 Jul

At last Neil Doncaster breaks cover.

 Doncaster Regan and Longmuir

In the weeks since his appointment he has been conspicuous by his absence from the sports pages.  The first announcement from him bearing in mind that this is his big chance to set the tone for his leadership of the football leagues.  The names of the leagues.  Ok I will concede they have to be called something and their names do have to reflect the level they inhabit in the system so it is important.  given that Englishman Neil has obviously spent weeks thinking about this it was a surprise that the answer to the league names is.  Wait for it,  showing imagination and modern thinking Neil goes with…….

THE SAME NAMES USED IN ENGLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not so much imagination more intellectual theft!  Funnily enough these Names have been mentioned for weeks while Neil pondered.  He could of came out after being awarded the job and announced them not hide in Hampden mulling over the options.  This is not good.  Its bad management and worse than that shows that Neil will continue in much the same vain as he did with the debt ridden SPL.  The only excuse for this delay is if Neil was announcing new sponsors for the league structure then the delay becomes understandable to all.  Sadly Neil delays fuddles and fudges every issue he ever has to deal with.  he is after all a man with baggage and history.  The buck must stop a Doncaster and someone (anyone know a good lawyer) must get rid of this hopeless administrator and run him out of Scotland.  If you have read any of my blogs on Doncaster you will know he is not on my Christmas Card list but as much as I have said I do not want to add I TOLD YOU SO to my blogs.

Doncaster was unfit for purpose at SPL and is already showing the signs of getting the SPFL job as taking his appointment as a vote of confidence in his (lack) of skills.